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He was going to consult in insurance; they find her lifeless

Guadalajara Jalisco.- GUADALUPE Juarez Arriaga left his home in Los Molinoso, Zapopan, Thursday morning. there was one Social Security Appointment…

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Guadalajara Jalisco.- GUADALUPE Juarez Arriaga left his home in Los Molinoso, Zapopan, Thursday morning. there was one Social Security Appointment You’ve Never Had, s body was found on saturday and the prosecutor’s office investigates femicide,

Her family began circulating her photo on Thursday, seeking help in locating her because i couldn’t communicate with her After leaving his home to undergo some tests at Ayala Hospital.

Jalisco State Search Commission also gave Your picture and the spread of your data Waiting for your place.

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Guadalupe was 39 years old, with a scar on the side of his right eyebrow, wearing a long, flowery black dress and huaraches. He was carrying a folder with documents to his appointmentAs per the commission’s file.

Saturday morning A cyclist reported that he saw a corpse in a ravine about 4 meters away Deep in the northern region of Zapopan, about 10 kilometers from the Los Molinos subdivision.

According to the first report, The victim had about 48 hours of cadaveric developmentThat is, the day his disappearance was reported, he would have been murdered on the same day.

Although the cause of death was not given, he had bruises on his face, The state prosecutor’s office integrated an investigation folder for the crime of homicide.

The institution in charge of seeking justice till tomorrow No progress in investigation To determine who attacked Guadalupe and brought it to that point.

Meanwhile, till yesterday his family carried out the process of transporting the dead body.

In 2021, Jalisco had its worst year since the crime of homicide was declared a crime in 2012, Adding 74 Victims, As of April this year there are already 12.

Experts and organizations of various orders, including the United Nations, have pointed out that Missing attention in Jalisco And in general across the country, which generates delays in searches.

A case similar to that of Guadalupe was that of Quimberly Ann Esves Franco, told by his relatives. Tonalá. I went missing on 16 April, Although relatives continued to look for him, he spent five days in Semapho without being recognized.

his corpse was left on the same day of disappearance In the residential El Prado neighborhood, in Tonla, where he was last seen.

With regard to the failures pointed out by the United Nations Committee against Forced Disappearance and its call to resolve them with a series of recommendations, the state government responded at the time that The signs were generally for the Mexican state.,

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“The Government of Jalisco clarifies that the document presented is addressed to Mainly for the Mexican stateAnd in the case of Jalisco, progress on the subject in the state has been recognized and positively valued,” the unit issued a bulletin on April 13.