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guilas de Sembacosin won two in National Veterans Baseball

eagles of sembacosinfrom Culiacán, took an important step into the semi-final round, beating Laguna Region and the club this Friday…

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eagles of sembacosinfrom Culiacán, took an important step into the semi-final round, beating Laguna Region and the club this Friday to secure a pair of victories chicks Mazatlan in Group A on day one of activities at the National Baseball Championship giants Senior 60 years and above.

In the first game, in the morning, Aguilas won the field 31–2. defeated by Laguna.
The victory corresponded to the “patitus” of Jesus coronado And Jose Medina fell.

Adam Lugo scored 2-3 to 3-4 for the successful Raul Ibarra and Miguel Leva.
Ricardo Moreno, 2-2, and Benigno Perez, 3-2, for Laguna.

one more win
In the afternoon, Sembacocin defeated Club Poluelos Mazatlán 13–3.
Raul López hit five balls in five innings for the win. He was relieved by Joel Injunza.
Jose Figueroa lost with only one innings of work. He was helped by Professor Lamberto Guevara and Ramon Ramos.

Aguilas scored a run in the first innings with a grounder in Raul Ibarra’s box.
In the sixth he sentenced the game with six runs.

Aguilas de Sembacocin celebrates victory against Club Poluelos in the afternoon clash.

Macario Campos and Ramón Escar produced two with the single, Marco Cuadras drove into the second with a hit, and the sixth came on an error by the third baseman.

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In the fifth inning, Aden Lugo and Miguel Leva hit one with single drives and in the sixth inning Ibarra sent the other to the plate with hits.

The last three streaks in the seventh with a single by Ibarra and two with a double by Andrés Ayon.
For his part, Poluelos scored one run with an impromptu by Fernando Valdez in first and two in third with a brace by Alejandro Norris.

Raul Ibarra batted 5-4 for Aguilas, Marco Cuadras 4-3 and Aidan Lugo 3-2.

More Group A Results
Parral Chihuahua beat Poluelos 2-0.
Pedro Poros 3-2 and Ulysses Rodriguez painted his opponent white.
Jose Uribe fell.

Professor Lamberto Guevara took over for Club Poluelos.

Paraal again raised his hands after defeating Laguna Region 14-3.
Jacobo Garcia and Cesar Ruiz went 3-for-4 to support Raul Hernandez’s winning streamer.

B Group
In Sector B with headquarters at José Luis Sarabia Sports Club. Caderita, Nuevo León beat Zacatecas Fresnillo 7-6.
Oscar Mata was better than Samuel Marolejo.
For the successful ones, Juan García, Marco Duque and Francisco Javier Valdez, 3-2 each.
For the losers, Oscar Ramos, 4-3, and Manuel Hermosillo, 4-2.
Toluquita Durango beat José Luis Sarabia 3–2 with a Manuel Alvarado victory and a blow to Carlos Lizarraga.

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Group C
In Group C based on Club Muralla, Leandas de Baja California Sur defeated Club Muralla 6–3.
In the afternoon, Murla pulled out the fork and doubled the master of Ciudad Juárez 15-7.
The Giants of the Wall defeated Leondas de Baja California Sur 8-6.

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this saturday they will inaugurate
With a tribute to Mazatlán’s former professional pitcher Hector Manuel “Consejo” Díaz, this Saturday, 7 May, at 09:30 am, Club Poluelos will open the National.

second date
This Saturday the third day will be played – yesterday was a double game – and in Sector A, Sembakosin and Parral Chihuahua will play for first place in an undefeated duel. The game will take place in Poluelos at 12:00.

Teams will advance to the semi-finals today. Tomorrow is the final.

Runs in the two matches scored by Sembakosin yesterday.