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Guasave producers are told not to burn society

Guasave, Sinaloa. – Due to the corn harvest this month, the president of the local Plant Health Board in Guasave…

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Guasave, Sinaloa. – Due to the corn harvest this month, the president of the local Plant Health Board in Guasave has announced a Calling all manufacturers with the aim that don’t spend it burning society,

Juan de Dios Santos Soto mentioned that he is aware that the economic situation is very difficult, but it is also important to consider that these actions are destroying the environment.

“Not by saving one peso we will destroy the environment,” he said.

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He insists that he invite them to re-incorporate organic matter, track it, let it fall and wait for the rain to dedicate themselves to the complete destruction of organic matter and a Enrich the soil in a given period of time.

He stressed that it is very important that the dates of destruction of soca in vegetables be respected, as gardeners have until May 31 to destroy all types of soca, whether tomatoes or peppers.

He said that till June 1 only planting permits are given, hence calling for no vegetable crops left, so that there is no habitat for the development of diseases and pests.

The president of the local Plant Health Board explained that the correct way to destroy a vegetable crop is tracking, felling or cutting depending on the condition of the crops, as there are a lot of seedlings that have a stick, which is what to remove.

“It should be traced or dropped so that there is no trace of that vegetable crop,” he said.


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Santos Soto revealed that he places great emphasis on the burning of Soca, as there were many burnings last year, so they are working in coordination with the Department of Ecology, hence the call to stop environmental pollution.

He insisted that there is a regulation in the ecology sector, which he is supporting, and to make producers aware at a certain moment so that they do not practice burning society and for that reason avoid becoming creditors of economic sanction. .

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