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Grosjean puts limits on return to F1

apparently a return Romain Grosjean He is limited in a team with a quality single-seater, as the French driver himself…

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apparently a return Romain Grosjean He is limited in a team with a quality single-seater, as the French driver himself remarked that he would only return if he was with a team like Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari.

French He enjoys watching premier class races on television, but insists he will not return until he has a car capable of winning races every weekend.

“Formula 1 worked well, I didn’t know it would work until the cars were on the track. I think the races are exciting, the cars can be followed more closely and that’s what we want to see.” I watch every race that I love, but I won’t be back if I don’t have the opportunity to be Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes,” Grosjean explained in an interview with the Racing News 365 website.

The pilot remarks that he spoke with Kevin Magnussen With Haas to congratulate him on his return to Formula One, but said he is happy to be in IndyCar and the only limit on his return at the moment is with a competing team.

“I usually talk singer Once or twice a year and I call Kevin to congratulate him on getting back in Formula 1, but I am very happy at IndyCar. I want to win races and people ask me if I would like to go back to Haas. He has done a good job, but he doesn’t have a chance to win every weekend.”

For his part, Grosjean said he doesn’t feel pressured to win his first race in IndyCar, as he takes it step by step and assures it’s not an easy category, as there’s a lot of competition.

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“IndyCar is a very competitive series and the first win will come, I’m not too worried. I look at Scott and Will, they are over 40 years old and still doing a great job, so I have a good one there.” There is time left. I will also put up some resistance, I would like to run IMSA next year”, Romain remarked to conclude.

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Grosjean puts limits on return to F1

2022-05-13 17:22:56