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Government is raising the ceiling of rental price

Government does not rule out extending the current limit of not being able to hike housing rent beyond June 30…

By admin , in news , at May 26, 2022

Government does not rule out extending the current limit of not being able to hike housing rent beyond June 30 Over 2% in earnings updatesGiven the situation in which inflation still finds itself as a result of the war in Ukraine.

This is advanced by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, in statements to the press from the Madrid Real Estate Exhibition (SIMA), where he defends that it is “understanding for the government to maintain this measure”. comes in” in the current scenario, which hasn’t changed much since it was approved two months ago.

“If there is no change in circumstances, especially in social measures, then it makes sense for the government to maintain them. Faced with this scenario, the government will extend necessary measures to mitigate the negative impact of the crisis, Including limiting rent, which is social in nature and helps people deal with this situation,” he said.

asked by him rent bonus Number of young people, the minister explained, adding that the ministry has already transferred funds to autonomous communities and they should be the ones launching the call in the coming days. In any case, its effectiveness will take effect retrospectively from the previous January 1.

Regarding the threat of a potential real estate bubble, Sanchez assures that the government is already introducing new tools and equipment to avoid any outbreaks, although he has highlighted that in the past financial crisis, Primarily exempt from the real estate sector, there were several components.

The minister has also mentioned housing lawIt added that “it does not go against anybody and does not attack the sector”, after criticism from various real estate sectors and the political spectrum, “needs legal certainty but also to protect the citizen”.

boost social fare

Raquel Sánchez has made the inaugural tour of the International Real Estate Exhibition, (SIMA), an event starting this Thursday through Sunday at IFema Madrid, and which serves to highlight the benefits of the Recovery Fund for Urban Rehabilitation and Regeneration which is 6,820 million euros.

The minister is accompanied by the ministry’s secretary general of urban agenda and housing, David Lucas, and Fidel Vazquez, general director of SEPS, an entity that has 1,000 million euros from the recovery fund.

SEPS undertakes the urbanization of land in order to obtain suitable plots for the construction of public housing on an affordable rental basis. It is currently developing land to accommodate 5,697 affordable rental houses included in the Affordable Rental Housing scheme.

Government is raising the ceiling of rental price

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