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Go for Bivol! ‘Zurdo’ Ramirez beat Dominic Bossel in round 4

2022-05-15 04:47:03 “Zurdo” of Sinaloa has expressed his desire to fight against “Canelo” lvarez and now against Dimitri Bivol’s Golden…

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2022-05-15 04:47:03
"leftist"  Sinaloa has expressed its willingness to fight against...“Zurdo” of Sinaloa has expressed his desire to fight against “Canelo” lvarez and now against Dimitri Bivol’s Golden Boy promotion

Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez validated his prediction and easily defeated German Dominic Bossel in a light heavyweight fight held at the Toyota Center in Ontario, California.

The “lefty” (44–0, 30 knockout) punished Bossel’s body (32–3, 12 knockout) with great efficiency until he could no longer take it, for only four rounds, when the referee The fight was halted to stop a powerful attack of the Sinalone Boxers.

From the start of the competition, the Mexican was much better than his opponent. He took the load of the fight and applied the power of his fist against an opponent who seemed too intimidated.

Nacho Beristane: “The Battle of Canelo was very strange”

The German barely tried to open his fists, but Ramírez was all the time ahead at the dizzying pace he brought to the fight. This forced the Germans to constantly seek refuge on the ropes.

At the end of the third round, the ringside doctor called the referee, alerting him of the amount of punishment that Bussel would face. However, he chose not to stop the fight and was allowed to go out for the fourth round, where he continued to take more penalties.

Despite the adversity, it was this round in which Bussel was the bravest, but he did not finish the round, but fell to the ropes from Ramirez’s blow and the third stopped the fight.

As announced on Thursday, Ramirez had the opportunity to face Russian Dmitry Bivol as his next opponent for the WBA light heavyweight title, in an inevitable fight, even before the rematch between the Russian and Mexican. earned. Which he defeated tremendously last Saturday.

And he also assured that he could not only defeat Bivol, but also knock him out. He has also indicated his desire to confront “Canelo” Alvarez.

The world knows I deserve this fight.”

“Left Wing” Ramirez

For the rest of the show, William Zepeda and René Alvarado put up an excellent fight that went in the cards. Mexican Zepeda maintained his unbeaten record (26–0, 23 knockouts) over Nicaraguan Alvarado, in the co-main event, by unanimous decision: with cards of 98–92, 97–93 and 96–94.

With this victory against the most famous opponent of his career, the Mexican extended his record to (26–0, 23 knockouts), while Alvarado went on (32–12, 21 knockouts).