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Gerardo Vargas ignores Landros Ahom’s policemen

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The City President of AhomGerardo Vargas Landeros, Ahom ignores policemen who reported harassment Against the commanders of…

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Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The City President of AhomGerardo Vargas Landeros, Ahom ignores policemen who reported harassment Against the commanders of the Secretary of Security and Civil Protection of the Ahom.

Since last March 16, Dignora Valdez López requested through an official letter that the administrative process carried out in the Commission of Honor and Justice for allegations of sexual harassment within the agency be brought up by the municipal president, but so far no response , Victoria Herrera Montano, the victims’ legal adviser, confirmed yesterday.

The request was made after the third agent of this security unit indicated a re-evaluation at the Commission of Honor and Justice at the end of the second hearing, where the process was carried out, where it was supported by legal advice from the Network for Substance Equality Sinaloa Was. ,

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A similar document was also handed over to the head of the Security Secretariat, Julio Cesare Romanillo Montoya, who, according to Valdez López’s legal advisor, immediately replied that he did not have the power to deal with the case, so it is not possible to attract him further. He continues in the same process where the investigation concerned is considered.


Since last month, Herrera Montano has pointed to a series of irregularities in the case, where, he said, there are leaks of confidential information leading to victimization, for which the Network for Substitutive Equality made a request to the commission for protection mechanisms for victims. State Human Rights who have not yet given a solution to the matter.

It should be noted that Dignora Valdez López clarified that the names of the victims were not indicated in the document where the main focus of the case was requested and did not appear at the hearing before the Commission of Honor and Justice in order to protect their integrity. it was done. However, the attackers have the data that was provided only to the woman secretary in Ahom municipality to look into gender matters.

Mayor’s stand

In an exclusive interview with Ahom Municipality President, Gerardo Vargas LanderosPublished by Debate on 25 April of this year, the municipality said that they had full confidence in the behavior and manner of acting of the public security officer, Julio Cesare Romanillo, to which he guaranteed that the case would be given a proper case, however, for now Till now no solution has been found.

Despite the fact that the first charge was made within the Security and Civil Protection Secretariat on 24 January and was immediately handed over to the Honor and Justice Commission, only two hearings have taken place: the first on 7 January, where the network on behalf of the policemen. For Substance Equality pointed to the re-hunting of Dignora Valdez López.

The second hearing took place on 15 March, where, according to Herrera Montano, they intended to have Dignora Valdez sign a document to settle the case, but due to the agent’s refusal, the process was suspended and to date a No summons has been given. Third hearing.

wait for reply

Victims and the Network for Substitutive Equality await a response from municipal president Gerardo Vargas Landros to draw up the case so that it can be investigated and treated with a gender perspective, a letter they refer to for a third hearing. Expect to receive before being called.

Both the victims of the case and their legal representatives claim that they do not have access to the files of the Honor and Justice Commission of Ahom’s Secretary of Security and Civil Protection, nor do they have a response from any other municipal agency. , so they wait for, at the very least, the State Human Rights Commission to issue a speedy resolution, or, where appropriate, request that the complaint against the municipal agency be brought by the same commission, but at a national level.

To understand…
Police women plead for support from the mayor of Ahom

Through an official letter, Dignora Valdez López, on behalf of the policemen who reported sexual harassment within the Ahom Public Security Secretariat, requested that the case, currently undergoing an administrative process at the Honor and Justice Commission, be referred to this instance. To be ignored and attracted. by the Municipal President.

The same support was requested from the head of the security unit, Julio Cesare Romanillo Montoya, but he immediately responded in the negative.

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the figure

On 24 January, the first official letter was submitted to the head of Ahom’s Secretary of Security and Civil Protection, Julio Cesare Romanillo, to indicate the sexual assault.

On 25 January, the official letter of complaint for sexual harassment within the police unit was transferred to the Honor and Justice Commission, where an administrative process was initiated.

There have been two hearings in the Honor and Justice Commission and still no solution. The complainant requested that the matter be handed over to the city president, but no reply has been received so far.

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