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Gasoline breaks historic record despite government exemption

Fuel continues to rise. price of petrol has risen again for the sixth consecutive week, close to its maximum despite…

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Fuel continues to rise. price of petrol has risen again for the sixth consecutive week, close to its maximum despite the relaxation of 20 cents per liter Approved by the government which will be extended for the next three months, while the decline in diesel continues.

According to data released this Thursday by the Oil Bulletin of the European Union (EU), which includes the average price recorded between May 24 and 30.Gasoline sold in Spain – once the exemption is in force – averages 1,768 euros per literWhereas Diesel does so at 1,652 Euros.

With these prices, the cost of gasoline, which beat diesel againUp 1.6% over the previous week, while diesel became cheaper after falling 0.9% for the third week in a row.

new petrol record

However, if the government exemption is not included, the price of gasoline will set a record with 1,968 euros liters; While the diesel will reach its fifth highest price in history at 1,852 Euros.

In this sense, the price of petrol during the previous week, and with applicable discounts, is fourth highest in history, down just 4% from the current record; While that of Diesel, which is the eighth highest, is less than 10% of its maximum.

In recent weeks, the declining trend recorded by both fuels has slowed since the beginning of the year in which they were chained for eleven consecutive weeks as a result of rising oil prices affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In this sense, oil has regained its upward trend due to the open debate in the EU to agree a ban on Russian crude imports, as well as tensions between supply and demand.

To mitigate the impact on citizens of the hike in gasoline and diesel prices, the government will extend the bonus of 20 cents per litre, initially valid for three months till June 30.

Deposit, 17 euro more expensive than in January

has caused the growth of both the fuels Petrol price hiked by 20% Since the beginning of the year, diesel has become more expensive by 23%.

At current prices, it currently costs to fill a 55-litre tank with petrol on an average 97 eurowhile with diesel it stands 91 euros, which means that if gasoline is used, about 16 euros more than at the beginning of 2022, and 17 euros will have to be paid if diesel is selected.

Thanks to government bonuses, consumers save about 11 euros when filling this type of tank, whether they use gasoline or opt for diesel.

Compared to the same week in 2021, the price of petrol is now 31% higher, while that of diesel is up by 36%; While analyzing the prices of the same week of 2019, before the pandemic broke out, gasoline is 30% more expensive and diesel 31% more expensive.

Despite historically high prices, the price of both fuels in Spain remains below the European average, which, according to EU data, is 2.01 euros per liter for gasoline and 1,856 euros for diesel.

Gasoline breaks historic record despite government exemption

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