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Gas imports from Algeria fell 14% in April

import of natural gas to Spain Algeria fell 14.3% in April from the previous March, standing at 9,545 gigawatt hours…

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import of natural gas to Spain Algeria fell 14.3% in April from the previous March, standing at 9,545 gigawatt hours (GWh), while the United States consolidates as the main supplier for the fourth month in a row.

according to previous data Anagas Statistical BulletinNatural gas consumption from Algeria, historically Spain’s main supplier, has continued to decline in recent months, with a 35% drop from the same month last year.

Thus, the 9,545 GW imported From the Algerian country in April, 9,049 GWh were by tube (Medgaz), while only 496 GWh arrived by methane tanker (LNG). However, it remains Spain’s second main supplier, up 23.4% for the month.


for its part, America After Sorpaso made in January, it has consolidated as the maximum supplier to Spain, although imports fell to 12,539 GWh in April, from a historical maximum of 16,264 GWh in March, accounting for 30.7% of total natural gas. country in the month.

It is also noteworthy that the increase in the month of NigeriaTo cover 16.9% of the total natural gas that arrived in Spain in April, with a supply of 6,891 GWh.

in the matter of RussiaImports from the country remained practically stagnant in April compared to the previous month, totaling 3,278 GWh, 8% of the total in April.


The reduction in imports of natural gas from Algeria comes amid escalating tensions in relations between Spain and the African nation, especially following a change in the position of the Spanish government. Occidental SaharaBy alliance with Morocco.

In late April, Algeria once again took another turn in these tensions, warning that it would sever its natural gas supply contract with Spain if part of what it shipped to the country was diverted to another destination. goes, in terms of MoroccoBased on a commitment to help the Alawite Empire to re-gasify liquefied natural gas (LNG) and return it to the Moroccan region.

Spain announced its decision to authorize the reverse flow of Maghreb Europe gas pipeline (GME) through which Algeria supplied the peninsula via Morocco until last November, when it closed.

last October, Algeria It has already closed the Maghreb gas pipeline in response to political tensions with its neighbor Morocco, through which it supplied gas to Spain, through which this gas pipeline passes.

Spain is linked to Algeria with another gas pipeline, Medgaz, which connects this country directly to Almeria via the Mediterranean Sea, and through which most of the gas from the African country enters, 9.049 GW in April.

more ships

It is also noteworthy that in April there was a significant increase in the discharge of shipsWhich increased by 64% compared to the same month last year, bringing the total at Spanish regasification plants to 30,622 GWh compared to 18,629 GWh in the same month of 2021.

Thus, the number of unloaded ships in Spain increased by 61.9% for the entire month of April, reaching the figure of 34, 13% More than the same month last year.

natural gas from Spain and by ship (LNG) represented 75.1% of the total in April, compared to just 54.1% a year ago.