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Garamendi (CEOE) now urges the Toledo Treaty to re-evaluate whether pension increases should coincide with the CPI

The President of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, has urged the Parliamentary Commission of the Toledo Treaty to evaluate whether pensions…

By admin , in news , at May 24, 2022

The President of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, has urged the Parliamentary Commission of the Toledo Treaty to evaluate whether pensions should be increased in accordance with the CPI. the problem it generates This measures for the cost of the Spanish public debt and the state.

Speaking to the press during his appearance at the 2022 MedCap Forum, Garamendi responded like this when asked Warning from Brussels that linking pensions to inflation will spur public spending,

The CEOE’s leader has insisted that “the issue of pensions is decided not only by increasing contributions”, that it is a “very serious and very important” issue that should be the subject of a state treaty, and that the actuarial study should be done. This has been done to see what is included in the measure like linking pension with CPI.

“There’s a thing called toledo agreement And we have to see how many years we have to contribute, when we retire, what is the death rate in Spain at the moment and what Brussels is saying you have to sit down and look at it seriously, We have to stop the elections and sit down to see how we solve very serious issues in this country,” he defended.

CEOE supports increase in pension with CPI

Although the Toledo Treaty already included an increase in pensions with the CPI, a measure that was considered in the current pension reform and which had the support of the CCOO, UGT, CEOE and CEPIM, the business leader has indicated that the Toledo Treaty Will have to “sit again” to assess the issue.

Otherwise, he said, a problem would arise in Spain with respect to the public debt and costs to the state.

«There are people who are responsible, which is the Spanish Parliament, they are political groups, this is the Toledo Treaty. There is a comment from the EU clearly saying that you have to look at this and it is not worth applying the patch and saying that I do it this way or I do it the other way around, I have elections the day after tomorrow , I don’t. t have them,” he insisted.

“And I say it simply, I’m not saying it’s match or the other. They have to sit down and decide. You have to do a good actuarial study and evaluate how best to fix this problem.”

Earlier, during his speech at the 2022 MedCap Forum, Garamendi highlighted that, Although war has influenced the growth of inflation, it has not been the only factor.and coincides with the Governor of the Bank of Spain, Pablo Hernandez de CosoThere is a need to avoid second round effects so that this inflation does not become structural.

“That is why the rent agreement is not what we were talking about. Income agreement doesn’t mean just talking about salary: it means we talk about pension, which is not talked about, about salary of government employees, which is not talked about for example, in the pandemic, workers in ERTE they were receiving 70% of their wages and executives received 100%: they could get the same as workers in companies, that we paid taxes Well, so that these services work, ”he reprimanded.

For all these reasons, the Chairman of the CEOE Justified not entering into wage settlement with unions Collective bargaining or rent agreement. “We have reached 15 agreements in recent years, but they could not be signed due to responsibility. Nothing is broken, but it’s impossible to close a deal at the moment, and that’s not good news,” Garamendi acknowledged, insisting an income agreement “means everyone tightening their belts.”

Vacancies and deferment of personal income tax

On the other hand, in relation to the meeting held yesterday by government and social agents to analyze the reasons for filling 109,000 job vacancies in Spain, Garamendi indicated that the problem “has a lot to do” with training and , in this sense, it celebrates the great agreement made to improve vocational training.

When asked about the announcement of the President of the Madrid Community, Isabelle Diaz AyusoThat it would disregard regional sections of personal income tax to counteract the fiscal effects of increases in prices and wages derived from the current economic situation, Garamendi assures that he thinks A “very interesting” solution,

Populist policies risk exposure to European money

During his speech at the business forum, the chairman of the CEOE also revealed that the Spanish public debt has risen to 120% of GDP. Although Spanish companies needed that liquidity to withstand the pull, he warns that now “you have to pay for it.” In this scenario, Garamendi called «budget tightness» and «economic conservatism».

As he warned, from now on there will be “a high risk of creating populist policies with European capitalist money”. “We need responsibility and state agreements,” Garamendi insisted.

The President of the trade union has confirmed that european fund are for recovery “a fat chance», although they present difficulties for their implementation, noting that half the money will go to public investment and it must be guaranteed that the investment actually generates change in Spain.

In addition, they concede that the fact that it is managed by the state and partly by autonomous communities is “very complicating the issue for companies, which simply do not operate in an autonomous community.”

Likewise, he pointed out that a substantial portion of the funding will come from private investment, which, in his opinion, necessitates “legal certainty, regulatory stability and quality of regulations.”

Garamendi (CEOE) now urges the Toledo Treaty to re-evaluate whether pension increases should coincide with the CPI

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