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Gabriel Caballero is proud of his club

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Mazatlán FC was nothing to do in feat puebla With a tie in the final moments, however, luck…

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Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Mazatlán FC was nothing to do in feat puebla With a tie in the final moments, however, luck was not on their side on penalties and they went home; however, but for Gabriel KnightThe effort made by Cannonaro coach, his boys will go down in history.

“I’m happy with what I’ve done with the team, I’m proud, but angry with what we’ve done today. Apart from the penalty for what we did throughout the tournament, I raise my face.
Punishment is executed well, executed poorly, emotional issues, hitting, many things that define it, so it’s a matter of issues,” he added.

“We got a scare from them, and they know it; we’ve already made history by being in our first league, and now we have to keep growing in all aspects, plan well to be first.”

“The start of the game is always very important, but with virtue Puebla scoring goals from set pieces, they beat us, but then we rearranged in the blanks and there was nothing else to try in the second half, in the end we Got it and they themselves know that the first few minutes were neglected”.

“It was a great match, the match ended 2-2 and we were scared of Puebla, we have to keep working for what’s to come”.

“We have to maintain a good base for the team, that is the idea with the board and the coaching staff, and we haven’t analyzed yet who is staying, who is leaving, we will look at it and we hope that Have a good campaign. We have made history by reaching the playoffs, but we have to plan well.”

“I have always trusted these players and the team we have, so with good work we were given the results to reach these examples.

“Balance we will do it calmly, but I think it is positive. I got a team out of shape, and this team turned out to be a beast, I always trusted the players and they gave us results, we were a game away from being in the league and I couldn’t ask for more, this is what we got so far “. Gabriel Caballero concluded.

Now the Purple team will return to work after taking a break to prepare for the next tournament starting July 1, possibly later this month. gunboats They will be asking for their pass for the league for the first time in their history in their fifth tournament as a franchise in Liga MX. The directive will announce drops and reinforcements in the following days.

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Caballero directed Pachuca, Dorados de Sinaloa, Bravos de Juárez and Mazatlán FC.
* Numbers with Mazatlán FC. In total he directed nine games in the Clausura 2022 tournament, winning four, drawing three and losing two. He reached the playoffs and added a total of 14 points in the regular tournament, achieving 12 in the last four matches.
*Result. The Purple team escaped the fine and were one step away from the league.