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F*** it, President? Who said this,.!! All you need to know

The President is adamant. And every week it gets worse. Inside the National Palace, the number of advisers who want…

By admin , in news , at May 23, 2022

The President is adamant. And every week it gets worse. Inside the National Palace, the number of advisers who want to speak to her in a serious way has dwindled and as her intolerance has grown, not only outside, but also inside, where they prefer to rotate her because of her actions and declarations. We do. lose more and more. common agreement. President Andres Manuel López Obrador has lost his balance and his lack of restraint is evident. He is responding to internal criticism with reproach and vengeance, and to external criticism, because he does not know how to attack them, he insults where he can, and where he cannot, His solutions are absurd.

The decline that the president is facing in his person and his leadership is objective: things are going wrong for him, the security, the economy, his megaprojects, the presidential succession, the corruption in his quarters. Their allegation that they have other data is true, because they are increasingly informing them less and, in part, because of their incontinence. A few days back there was an uncomfortable moment for everyone at the National Palace.

When he saw the public’s reaction to his statements that his government protected organized crime, without sympathy for the victims of those crimes, he set out to analyze his words to try to understand the largely negative backlash. said. Requests were made to various regions of the Presidency, from which documents emerged that unanimously and forcefully stated that the position of López Obrador was a mistake. But the president, instead of taking the practice as a form of self-criticism, and ultimately not what he expected, became so indignant that his unconditional support for his position ordered the sacking of those who did it for it. were responsible. The teams to which the work was divided.

It is not known whether anyone at the highest level in the National Palace agreed with the President’s purge against those who honestly did their job, but no one raised a voice. The one who wanted to do it a few days later was the secretary of economy, Tatiana Clothier, when, after scolding her one morning, she called him personally to demand that he mechanically repair all cars older than four years. Publish the NOM decree to inspect. His outrage because he made that decision in an election year, a tax that would affect his government.

It is not surprising that the president does not rule and thinks only about elections and maintaining power, but the problem of Lopez Obrador is a problem for everyone.

Within his team, first, because the margins to operate are narrow, as happened with the Secretary of State, Marcelo Ebrard, who, given the odds he was facing a trial against Arsenal in a Boston court, asked him to join. Was looking for To the prosecutors of the institutions most affected by the violence of the cartel. The president stopped him in his tracks and ordered him to become the shadow of Ambassador Ken Salazar to the United States, limiting his role, as he no longer liked that diplomats were interfering in domestic affairs, some of which Like freedom of expression and violence against journalists is contrary to their position.

But, above all, the problem is outside. Within his team, the attitude of his colleagues is dominated by tyranny and terror, and if they keep quiet and only give him their side, they will continue their work. There is no such option outside, because the aggressiveness of the president’s rhetoric is so strong and incendiary that staying silent is like signing a suicide letter. This has happened in a very clear way with medical workers who declared a declaratory war on Cuban doctors for their criticism of hiring 500 doctors.

Paradoxically, it is a contention that he set himself on fire in a clumsy, dull and hostile manner, with the first criticisms he faced were his notorious lack of knowledge on the subject and inability to confront it rationally. had become more rare. wisdom. What’s left in the president is emotional intelligence, who is a victim of his own binary speech, labels them all as “conservatives”, and, based on the best of logic, shouted to Sonora, “Let them go”. To hell!” Damn it! His unfortunate phrase will not resolve the dispute, but it will deepen the divide and increase his detractors.

This, unfortunately for him and for all, will not stop. López Obrador lacks speech other than attacking those who criticize him, dressing differently, and insisting that he is honest, that he is doing the same thing now. Which had not been done before, and he did not want re-election. It’s the same song, with different melody. It has hollowed out over time, displaying its rhetorical shortcomings and its inability to face the challenges old and new that pile up. No one doubts that in intensifying these, he will radicalize his speech.

The first results are already out. The violence with which he treats himself has diminished their knowledge because they know his reaction will be negative. It could be argued that it doesn’t matter whether they inform him or not, because in any case, López Obrador admits to practically nothing that escapes his mental plan. This adrift presidency – due to wrong decision making – can only survive threats and attacks.

Wrong decisions from diagnosis to mode – so don’t worry – lead to bad results. He does not see bad results as the result of failures and deficiencies in his government, but because his adversaries, to whom he gives excessive public weight, stymie him. López Obrador is cycling and won’t get anything out of there. The only thing unknown, perhaps myself included, is how far his madness will take him. And this is dangerous for everyone.