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Frida Sofia shows off new lips in Kylie Jenner’s style

Mexico.- Singer Frida Sofia became the center of attention in social networks By publishing a video in which he is…

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Mexico.- Singer Frida Sofia became the center of attention in social networks By publishing a video in which he is seen getting his nose and lips pierced, it wasn’t the stuff that stole everyone’s eyes, but his lips, which apparently increased his size.

Through a short video, Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter shows off her new stuff, a collection available in her online store. The piercings are fake, which means they don’t have any piercings to wear on them, but they look great on that.

By showing the accessory on the lower lip, many of her followers noticed that her size had increased, which gave rise to all kinds of comments, for example, that she increased, even compared her kylie jennerWhich became famous for her lips.

But this was not the only video he published in which the change is evident, he later released another one also noting that his lips are different, which can also be proved by looking at some of his earlier publications.

It is not new for Frida Sophia to undergo aesthetic beauty treatments, as at a very young age she decided to undergo rhinoplasty to show off her much more efficient and thinner nose, making her features stand out.

The comment section was full of compliments for the young interpreter, where they also expressed their support for her person, the situation she is going through due to the current situation she learned that her mother would have left her out of her legacy . The relation is that.

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