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Victor Hernandez, former head of Navigation Services in Mexican Airspace (Cenum)assured that Aerial redesign work of the Valley of Mexico…

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Victor Hernandez, former head of Navigation Services in Mexican Airspace (Cenum)assured that Aerial redesign work of the Valley of Mexico and they noted that incidents related to unsuccessful landings are more frequent due to adverse weather conditions.E.g. winds that do not allow landings among other factors.

“I think it is half true (incidence increase). In fact, We are facing tough weather conditionsWeather conditions change and that means there are different conditions, this is somewhat normal,” explained the former official, who resigned on May 6 after a series of aerial incidents at Mexico City airport. had given

In an interview for the Red Chair of El Financiero Bloomberg TV, Hernández assured that the redesign of the airfield, which he was in charge of, is in the works and that it will be when airports in the Valley of Mexico have more operations that its functionality. is verified.

However, in recent weeks, pilots and air traffic controllers’ associations have warned some Problems operating flights that undermine aviation securityThe product of the redesign of the airspace and the little training the controllers have had is a guild under the protection of Seinem.

Hernández reaffirmed that all procedures, alterations, modernization and implementation relating to the airspace were always carried out in accordance with international regulations under his command.

This is contrary to the opinion of National Association of Air Traffic Controllers (Sinacta)who said that they submitted at least 30 incident reports.

Hernandez argued that the redesign involving international airports Philip Angelesone of Mexico City and Toluca It works because there were technical studies done to support it.

After facing criticism from international pilots pointing to complex maneuvers in the airspace of the Valley of Mexico, the former head of Cenim said it was the aeronautical authorities and airlines that had information about incidents on the ground.

They said that The air operation is safe and has indicated that there is no investigation against him related to nepotism irregularities and corruption.

He considered that studies should be done to find out whether airspace redesigned routes generate more noise or affect populations where there are more flights.