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Foreign tourists spend twice as much in Madrid as in the rest of Spain

International tourists spent the last April in Madrid average 303 euro per capita per day, almost double the national figure…

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International tourists spent the last April in Madrid average 303 euro per capita per day, almost double the national figure (155 euro), although the average stay is of five days, 2.3 less than for the entire country.

Figures for average daily spending, a good indicator for measuring the quality of tourism, have not yet reached pre-pandemic records or the national average – which stood at 164 euros in mid-2019 – or in any of the six communities. even more tourists

last April 6.1 lakh foreign tourists arrived in SpainOne million less than 7.14 million in April 2019 before the pandemic, but they spent a total of 6.9 billion euros, down only 150 million since then.

The improvement in total spending is explained only by an increase in average length of stay, which From 6.5 days in April 2019 to 7.3 days in that month this year, because the average daily disbursements remain at the same level (154 Euros then and now 155 in the national average). However, the average stay has declined by 10% as compared to April 2021.

Foreign tourist and hotel occupancy figures from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) aggregate the growth of the average daily expenditure of foreign tourists visiting Spain and the increase in hotel prices, where more than 75% are international travellers. The remaining 25% do so in their own or rented homes, in rural homes and in camps.

Average daily spending in Madrid increased by 20 euros (7%) in April compared to the previous March and is close to its record, set At 311 euros in June 2019before the pandemic.

These increases come as hotel prices rise, a trend that has been going on almost uninterrupted since the summer of 2021, after huge cuts were forced hoteliers to try to compensate. decline in demand.

In fact, last April Madrid recorded the second highest price increase in hotel establishments (42.9%) after Andalusia recorded 43%.

Compared to April of last year, the average daily spending in Madrid increased by 60 euros, an increase of 24.7%, but the data remains the same compared to that month of 2019, at 303 euros.

Catalonia is the second largest spender

The second community with the highest average disbursements per day of stay is Catalonia, which 194 euros marked in April Last, 11 euros higher than a year ago, but below the 221 which it reached in October 2019.

That time, hotel prices hiked That community had 32.5% in the month of April, less than the numbers in Andalusia and Madrid, but above the national average of 29.5%.

The figure for Madrid shows above all prices for hotels in the capital, which are more expensive than in the rest of the country, while Catalonia, apart from Barcelona—with higher prices—counts the rest of the region, which makes that The average Spanish is far from the capital.

Ranks third for average daily spending canary islandsWith 154 euros per person per day, down from 164 euros in May and June 2019, followed by the Balearic Islands, an average of 147 euros, compared to 175 in August 2018.

behind the islands AndalusiaWhere the average daily expenditure is 127 euros (135 euros in July 2019) and the Valencian community, the average disbursement per tourist is 117 euros (126 euros in November 2019).

Longest stays in Valencian community

International tourists spend more time in the Valencia community with an average of 8.7 days, followed by the Canary Islands (8.6 days) and Andalusia (8.5).

Below eight days appear the Balearic Islands (7.7), Catalonia (5.1) and Madrid (5). All tourist communities recorded a lower average stay than a year ago.

Foreign tourists spend twice as much in Madrid as in the rest of Spain

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