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For negligence, they demand the impeachment of Sheinbaum.

After last week he told that the decision Claudia Sheinbaum to hide the third report of DNV On the L12…

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After last week he told that the decision Claudia Sheinbaum to hide the third report of DNV On the L12 of the subway “reflects only the pettiness and obscurity with which the government of Mexico City is handled”, the senator this morning Kenya Lopez Rabadan presented in chamber of Deputies Request for impeachment against the head of government.

this, because of the responsibility that was probably in that tragedy row 12in which 26 people were killed and over a hundred injured, and a day later when he publicly called for Sheinbaum to step down, while responsibilities were determined, as he said he would only “informally report” about the collapse. are looking for. Metro CDMX,

Also, during the distribution of the application in the Lower House, the PAN MLA Speaker Human Rights Commission In the Senate, he confirmed that Sheinbaum should be sacked “for negligence in the maintenance and inspection of Metro’s L12, as well as obstruction of the investigation into the collapse”.

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And it is that also this week the Norwegian company DNV alleged that the Attorney General of Mexico City (fgjcdmx) prevented access to its experts during expert reports, so they would not have been able to review the so-called twin section of Ground Zero, which collapsed on May 3, 2021.

“This lapse by CDMX officials is a serious violation of the Constitution and Federal Law of Responsibilities of Public Servants, With his dismissal as head of government – Sheinbaum must be convicted and accepted – through impeachment,” López Rabadan tweeted at the same time the application was made.

“for criminal omission”

At the same time, the PAN member insisted that as long as Sheinbaum continued to lead government of mexico city “She will continue to obstruct the investigation and the human rights violations of the victims will continue”, as she also emphasized that she is “judge and jury” in the investigation, as CDMX Metro would have spent more than a year. years without charge of maintenance, the area he visited together Florence SerraniaFormer Director of Metro Collective Transportation Systems (stc,

Meanwhile, while the opposition “condemns the systematic and serious violation of fundamental rights, and we see how the intention is to silence the victims with biletzos instead of respect”, this Tuesday the president lopez obradoro Came out in defense of the head of government.

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“He is exposed to strong pressure, but this is the season, this is what will have to come to him and it is bound to happen,” the president said, highlighting Sheinbaum’s handling of the case “without cover”. His support regarding cancellation of contract with DNV for third root cause reportwhat morena Called “mounting“Of opposition to political flattery.

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For negligence, they demand the impeachment of Sheinbaum.

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