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First reading of the mandate repeal law in Sinaloa

Culiacán, Sinaloa. – PRI said they have not defined whether they support the initiative Repeal of Mandate for GovernorBecause they…

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Culiacán, Sinaloa. – PRI said they have not defined whether they support the initiative Repeal of Mandate for GovernorBecause they propose that the Congress of the State of Sinaloa does not elect an officiating governor and that elections are held only in the State Congress Tribune in the event of his dismissal. First Reading of Opinion on Reforms and Additions to the Political Constitution of SinaloaWaiting to achieve consensus among political forces.

Ricardo Madrid Perez, Coordinator of the PRI Parliamentary Group Defends the proposal of deputy Feliciano Valle, that the state Congress not appoint an officiating governor And there will be constitutional elections, as they insist that “people put in, people take away”, with a constructive spirit and to harmonize legislation with the federal law of repeal of mandates.

He spoke in favor of legislative groups’ debate on whether to achieve consensus or not, in the pursuit that the repeal of the mandate serves the citizens and mobilizes the sentiments of the people.

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For his part, the coordinator of the Morena parliamentary group, Feliciano Castro Melendrez, said that next week they would discuss the initiative and its final approval at the gallery.

In this case, within the Committee on Constitutional Points, an opinion was issued and deputy Feliciano Valle submitted a motion, which was not passed within the committee, but he clarified that it meant it had already been passed. .

“Opinion does not eliminate proposals, it does not eliminate views, because the absolute is the one who is going to discuss it, then they can submit it. The law lays down a procedure for them to present their proposal. considers, and at least that the delegates withdraw their motion. Therefore, no, it is denied. Till the discussion is over,” he said.

The opinion indicates that the mandate revocation process will be called by the Electoral Institution of the State of Sinaloa at the request of the citizens.A number equal to at least ten percent of those registered in the nominal list of state electors in at least eleven municipalities.

It can be requested on the same occasion and during three months after the end of the third year of the constitutional term.

This would be done through a free, direct and secret vote of the citizens registered in the Nominal List of the State.The Sunday after ninety days of the call and on a date that does not coincide with election days, federal or local.

The IEES will be in charge of the organisation, development and counting of votes. The final count will be done by the Electoral Court of the State of Sinaloa.

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For the mandate revocation process to be valid, there must be a participation of at least forty percent of the people registered in the state’s nominal list of electors.

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First reading of the mandate repeal law in Sinaloa

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