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First, can the deceased relative’s fund be claimed?

Mexico.- with social security law reform What happened on January 1, 2021 is now allowed When an employee or pensioner…

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Mexico.- with social security law reform What happened on January 1, 2021 is now allowed When an employee or pensioner diesloss Beneficiaries can dispose of resources The individual account of retirement funds is known as the former and is managed by financial institutions.

How is this process?

When a loved one dies, it is always a difficult issue to address, and amidst the pain and sorrow of having them dismissed, there are procedures that must be done, even when exhausting and harrowing, such a disposition. is the saving of the deceased in his ex.

In the event that a former user has died, Your account will be frozen immediately and you will stop receiving contributions from your workplace, and pension funds will be available to your beneficiaries, regardless of which have been entered by the account holder.

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As established by law, the legal beneficiaries are who were financially dependent on the holderare like Widows, widowers and their children below the age of 16 yearsor in his case Elderly who are still living with their father or motherFor example, those who are studying or continue to live at home and do not have a spouse of their own.

Similarly, in the absence of a spouse, they can collect it, concubine or concubine, As long as it was financially dependent on the worker.

Another factor to consider is that in order to access the deceased relative’s ex, it is a requirement that you have entitlement to a pension from IMSS or are only a beneficiary of the account as clearly specified by the owner of the account.
Remember to always have documents on hand.


Here we show you how you can collect a deceased relative’s forearm and some steps you should keep in mind:

Visit the nearest IMSS sub-delegation.

This is so that if you are the beneficiary then they can issue the respective pension reconciliation.

You should go east where your relative was.

Attend with the documents that recognize you as a beneficiary and then fill the form.

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In case of being a substitute beneficiary.

Report the death of the worker where he was earlier registered.

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First, can the deceased relative’s fund be claimed?

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