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Fired hours after starting work being a feminist

Very well done by the owner of a car dealership social media outrageAfter his conversation with a young woman whom…

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Very well done by the owner of a car dealership social media outrageAfter his conversation with a young woman whom he was going to hire was made public, however, given his condition WhatsApp Not always fixed.

girl named maria bellenaAlready accepted as a new employee at the dealership, however, hours before starting work, he received a message that left him “frozen”.

“Sorry, but I’ll be honest with you,” says the beginning messageHe continued ‘I saw your situation’not one less‘, you’re a green handkerchief, and you were gonna come a lot male chauvinist,

To justify his reason, company owner He continued: “The boys here make jokes that you always take very sensitively, for the hell of everything.”

He continued “If they say and say good morning, Miss, you believe it and think ‘he wants me ass…’, if we say what can I help you, you should Looks like ‘this is an abuse’.

He then mentions that it is better to hire another style of woman for such a position, to avoid future problems in the company and future dislikes for the young lady, as she will certainly feel that way”macho oppressors,

And he ended the messages simply by saying “don’t start tomorrow.”

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After the unexpected reaction, maria bellena He told his friends and family what happened, which convinced him it should be made public, so they convinced him to upload the screenshot to Twitter, soon after users “destroyed” the dealership’s owner.

“My friends and family did it because they told me ‘this has to be known,'” mentioned the young woman who was rejected for being a feminist.

After being stirred up by the owner’s action to Maria BelenaSome media outlets asked her to explain what her first reaction was to the unexpected message.

She said that despite being angry and slightly annoyed, her biggest emotion was sadness, given how important it is to get a job today.

“The first thing I did was cry, I cried a lot because I was excited about the fact that I had achieved it,” she declared.

She said she had already been informed of her work schedule and salary, but less than 24 hours into her new job as a clerk at a car dealership, the manager told her “not always”. sent a message.

“I was supposed to start at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, and at 5 p.m. on Tuesday he writes this to me, I still can’t believe it”.

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He said that after publishing the conversation, several users started sending him messages, even asking if they needed anything.

“If I didn’t have the condition of ‘not one less‘, and they took me, what? I was going to have a terrible time. It is clear that he does not treat women well in his job,” said the woman, after clarifying that, after sending the message, the dealership owner decided to block her.

Still stunned, Maria Belen files a complaint with Inadi for discrimination.

Fired hours after starting work being a feminist

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