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Filtered audio of Alito Moreno insulting his team in Campeche

Campeche. – Governor of Campeche, Leda SansoresDemonstrated new audio of PRI leader, Alejandro “Alito” Moreno insults his work team for…

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Campeche. – Governor of Campeche, Leda SansoresDemonstrated new audio of PRI leader, Alejandro “Alito” Moreno insults his work team for not asking for “trustworthy” hats and shirts To suppliers for campaigning for his nephew Christian Castro Bello in the 2021 elections.

Via “Jaguar’s Tuesday”, Leda Sansoures releases audio that features a conversation with Alito Moreno Hugo GutierrezThe Secretary of the PRI, who through humiliation orders him to arrange for the delivery of hats and shirts by the suppliers.

The PRI leader orders his colleague to 100 thousand cap for PRI candidate’s election campaign to the government of Campeche.

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“Then they see who gets paid v$%#. That’s paid after the election. Put #, you’re too decent to pay the suppliers on time. Send them to v#$%. You ask and they supply us first. I already told you, you have been buying from suppliers for two years, download things for Campeche“, Moreno Cardenas ordered Gutierrez.

Clearly irritated, the PRI leader assures that he trusts his team, but warns that he does not want to anger “Mamad #”, as the only thing that interests him is the governorship of Campeche. campaign for, whose candidate was his nephew, Christian Castro Bello,

Alito Moreno explained to the PRI secretary that after more than 2 years of dealings with his supplier, he had the right to demand that he “give” him 100,000 caps for the campaign in Campeche, and warned that he would not care. Not where the money comes from to pay for the promotion, as there will be consequences for the team if the deal is not done.

“Look, I don’t want to ching@derus because I’m too confident and I trust them with issues. Well I’m like that, don’t think they see my face as an asshole, No. Me because I don’t care, eh? But I don’t want to be offended because of a blow job. I mean, there are stupid things that are logical. You buy from a supplier, I am not interested in anything other than Campeche. i’m ashamedsaid the priest.

“So, for every supplier you bought from him for 2 years and 8 months, because we’ve been here for 2 years, at least you can say: ‘Hey son of bitch, give me 100 thousand hats, put them on me in Campeche’, And you should have done it six months ago. Not now (…) Cause I already told them, man, I’m going back to Campeche and they told me again no fucking hats, I better see $# pay for that Who did, if CEN paid it or paid the committee, because they talk to me about it all day”, Alejandro Moreno can be heard saying.

“That’s what they have to do, because The day the Campeche results don’t come out, I’m going to fuck you all too“Warns the national leader of the PRI, who repeatedly reiterates to Gutierrez that he must resolve the CAP issue.

Sharing the audio on her official Twitter account, Leda Sansoures questioned: “What respect can one arouse to someone who doesn’t respect one!”

Shyamala criticized the opposition for calling themselves “politically persecuted” by the AMLO government, when “the reality is that they stole everything from the people of Campeche and even from outstanding suppliers.”

Another audio about “Moches”!

It should be recalled that less than a week ago the governor of Campeche leaked an audio in which Alito Moreno was heard agreeing to the alleged payment of “moches” for a dirty war against him during the 2021 elections Was.

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In the audio, the PRI leader reportedly agrees to pay 5 million pesos to consultant Antonio Sola, as well as 2 million pesos to another adviser, for promoting a smear campaign against Morena’s candidate.

Despite questions and criticisms from 4T members, Alejandro Moreno remained silent about the leaked audio without denying its veracity.

Filtered audio of Alito Moreno insulting his team in Campeche

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