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Filma en Jalisco will have a stand at the Cannes Film Festival

Guadalajara Jalisco.- Filma will have a stand at the Film Bazaar in Jalisco Cannes Film FestivalThis will happen May 17th…

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Guadalajara Jalisco.- Filma will have a stand at the Film Bazaar in Jalisco Cannes Film FestivalThis will happen May 17th to May 28th In that French city.

The visit will seek to promote Jalisco as Mexico’s first representative in the world, position the state as the main film destination in Latin America, attract more international productions, and promote brands. film in jalisco You Jalisco is Mexico,

“We decided to participate in the most important festival for this industry, which is the Cannes Festival, because the federal strategy has modified the mechanism of promoting the country.

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“At some point we had ProMéxico to promote investment and foreign trade and we had CPTM to move and position ourselves in the world. These entities cease to exist and then it is up to us and they Let us leave it to the states to put themselves out there”, commented Claudia Vanessa Pérez Lamas, the head of the Jalisco Tourism Secretariat.

According to the owner, the investment amount of the participation in Cannes will be announced through a press release in the coming days.

On the other hand, it was pointed out that Filma in Jalisco will allocate a bag of 18 million pesos to three calls for support this year: The production of fiction, documentary and animation feature films, the rewriting of fiction series and feature films, and the postproduction of short and feature films.

The first call for feature film production will open later this month with a budget of 9 million pesos. The amount for the rest will be specified soon.

Call It will be open to state, national and foreign projects without any limitation in terms of the topics to be discussed. However, those promoting a culture of peace will be favored.

“We will be very careful in supporting film projects that have a high component of a culture of peace. It is very relevant, coupled with a government strategy. We want positive content so that we can sell Jalisco in a positive way. Can you

“The purpose of all support for any production is to strengthen the local industry, that is, by law, it is very important Up to 40 percent of those involved are hired locally, In parallel, we are working with all government sectors to be able to consolidate this,” said Esteban Estrada, head of the State Entertainment Agency, which deals with the management of Filma in Jalisco.

In addition to financial support, winners of the first call will also be able to use sponsorship or more facilities to complete projects.

“In the first of three calls, in addition to financial aid, other assistance will be offered to the winners. We will offer script doctors who collaborate with Writers will be filmed for better scripts And agreements will be made with various suppliers of equipment and services for the production.

“For example, we have the first agreement with the company Elementor Equipo Cinematographico, which will offer its camera equipment, optics, lighting and props for one of the winning projects at 25 percent of the cost. Simultaneously, we are broadcasting other supports”, said George Riegen, director of film in Jalisco since last March.

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More information about the locations and dates will be announced soon on Filma en Jalisco’s social network and its official website.

Filma en Jalisco will have a stand at the Cannes Film Festival

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