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Fight the port CJNG of Lazaro Cardenas

Mexico City, Mexico.-Military commanders blamed the persecution of the killers Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) against nearby soldiers New Italy,…

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Mexico City, Mexico.-Military commanders blamed the persecution of the killers Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) against nearby soldiers New Italy, MichoacanTo control that this criminal group wants to maintain on Mexico 37D highway to mobilize production between them Norco Laboratories And this port of lazaro cardenas,

National Defense sources said that Highway 37D connects the port to the area of hell, huacana You Magicand are used for the transfer of chemical precursors, the basis of Methamphetamine and Fentanyl Produced by organized crime in its pharmaceutical laboratories in the area.

Soldiers and National Guard members found narcolaboratorio In the El Infernillo region, according to sources, is capable of producing more than 150 kg of synthetic drugs per month.

,Troops are already stationed in that area, and the search for secret laboratories continues, with two more being grounded, and their destruction defined by land.“, warned the commander.

Security experts face to face on the situation facing the army in the area

,It’s absurd, but the law limits soldiers not to confront criminals with their arsenal“, lamented the UNAM academic, Javier Oliva.

,What we see in the video is that the military has no control in the strategic areas where the port of Lazaro Cardenas is located, this is a direct insult to the military and it only speaks of the lack of governance”, said Juan Salgado, a CIDE investigator.

There are currently 4,500 soldiers displaced between the military and the National Guard throughout Michoacan.

in the triangle of warm landOfficials say at least a dozen narco-labs of various capacities have been detected operating, some for fentanyl.

However, complex access to mountains and surveillance with high firepower that criminal cells have limited military deployment to eliminate these secret drug factories.

During 2021, the military established 22 pharmaceutical laboratories in the country, but only one of them was in Michoacán, located around the state capital. The rest were found in Sinaloa, Jalisco, Colima, Baja California and Durango.

A year earlier, soldiers had destroyed four secret laboratories in Michoacán, but not far from the Tierra Caliente triangle: two in the Arío de Rosales, about 50 kilometers north of La Huacana; Another in Turicato, 90 km from La Huacana and another in Periban, 67 km northwest representation,

The task of the army this year was to enter Aguilla – the cradle of Nemesio Oseguera,”mencho,leader of cjng– The municipality which remained under the control of organized crime for almost a year, with the use of barricades, broken roads and even Narkomin, to prevent the passing of soldiers through dirt roads.

But they still need to enter the triangle of Tierra Caliente, the heart of Artega—where “La Tuta” was born and raised—the area around Tumbicatio, La Huacana, Nueva Italia, Magica and Aguilla.

Already in control of the Tierra Caliente Triangle, where they produce synthetic drugs, the CJNG is seeking to take control of Federal Highway 37, which Lazaro Cardenas Port (Place of entry of chemical pioneers) In the north of the state, up to Nueva Italia, where the Cuatro Camino intersection is located.

The latter is a strategic point, military sources refer to, because from there Drug trafficking continues to Urupán, La Piedad and then to Guanajuato, with branches to Aguascalientes, Zacatecas and Coahuila, or to San Luis Potosí and then to Tamaulipas.

Officials discovered that from the Cuatro Camino it went to the border with Jalisco, Durango and Chihuahua to Aptzingan, then to Jiquilpan.

,At the regional level it is revealed that they want to connect Tumbicatio to Aguilla through the mountains, an issue that is impossible for vehicles, located in their attempt to make this connection by smuggling precursors to abandoned ATV laboratories. Huh. Aguilla. works inrevealed a military source.

to try to prevent the transfer of drugs from cjngSince Wednesday, he indicated, 290 soldiers and 90 members of the National Guard patrolled Highway 37 New Italy A town known as Los Olivos, belonging to La Huacana.

He confirmed that he set up vehicle checkpoints and waited for air confirmation to enter dirt roads in search. illegal plantation and pharmaceutical laboratories.

This isn’t the first time he humiliated soldiers in Michoacán, once hatching them

Fight the port CJNG of Lazaro Cardenas

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