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FGR also investigates financial data of Conacyt scientists

Mexico City.—In its investigation against the Scientific Union, the general prosecutor of the republic (FGR) tracks leases, driver’s licenses, license…

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Mexico City.—In its investigation against the Scientific Union, the general prosecutor of the republic (FGR) tracks leases, driver’s licenses, license plate registration and cancellation, and even possession and Tax Returns, To detect any irregularity or offence, without reporting the relevant abnormal operation.

Documents to which the REFORMA group had access indicate that the Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime (FEMDO) issued official letters to the CDMX’s Mobility and Secretariats of Administration and Finance, as well as to the Secretary of the Treasury, Rogelio Ramírez de la o, and the head of the Tax Administration Service (sat), Raquel Buenostro, for requesting such information.

On August 25 and September 22 last year, a federal judge refused to order the arrests of 31 academics and scientists. Conacyt For whom prosecution side He intended to be jailed at the Altiplano prison for crimes of organized crime and money laundering.

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the thesis of fgr That is, from January 2013 to June 2019, Conacyt illegally transferred 244 million pesos to the Advisory, Scientific and Technical Forum (FCCyT), based on the fact that it was outside the Council’s organic framework and previously a was formed as a civil union. To keep your position.

Following judicial setbacks, the prosecutor’s office decided to track down information from the accused – including the FCCYT and the Loving Center for the Development of Innovation and Technology Transfer, which Conacyt,

“I do not hesitate to state that, in the event of non-availability of the required information in the requested period (2013-2020), I request you to search the records of your electronic information database or by any other means that permits your powers.” To know the existence of data relating to the scope of the SAT, said the official letter sent to the head of the SAT, from whom he requested tax information of those involved, without any complaint or investigation folder for fraud against the Treasury. is. .

The capital’s Ministry of Mobility, the prosecutor’s office, asked him to “completely search its database and report whether he has information on licenses, RFCs, addresses, registration and cancellation of license plates, circulation cards, telephone numbers “. All academics and scientists.

The Secretary of Administration and Finance requested information on payment of tenancy, taxes, conclusion of agreements, tenders, acquisition contracts, services (register of service provider, leases) of each of those involved.

They point to another 5 for the Conacyt case.

FGR has added 5 names to the list of people it is investigating. Conacyt,

Now his research is going against 36 and one of the novelties is to involve Manuel Martínez Fernández, former director of the Energy Research Center. UNAM and husband of Julia Taguena Parga, former coordinator of the Consultative Forum on Science and Technology.

Jose Antonio de la Pea, former director of the UNAM Institute of Mathematics, now appears on the list; Jesus Antonio Del Rio, former director of the UNAM Renewable Energy Institute; Carla Graciella Sedano, secretary of technical management and linkages at the Renewable Energy Institute.

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Businessman Luis Martínez Lavin García Lascurán, president of industrialist Lavin de México, is also under investigation.