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Fentanyl consumer detention begins in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- The fentanyl use in sinaloaSound the alarm for both deaths and sales And now among those who come to…

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Sinaloa.- The fentanyl use in sinaloaSound the alarm for both deaths and sales And now among those who come to rehabilitation centers for the intake of this type of synthetic drug.

Hugo Cesar Valdez, who is in charge of overseeing these establishments at the state level, said that although Income not worryingI consider that They are already becoming more vigilant due to the possible increase in cases As was the case with ‘Crystal’.

consumption problem

Cesar Valdez also remarked that, contrary to reports of public safety officials, in the context of fentanyl seizures, the situation is still not so dangerous for people who enter rehabilitation centers for use of this drug and that During this Eight people under house arrest in the first quarter of this yearFour of them, the cause, which compelled them to ask for help.

The state official said that, in the case of methamphetamine or ‘crystal’, it was a drug produced and exported in the state in its time, but the consumption started and the addiction persisted, so he fears that it Could happen with fentanyl. In view of this, he insisted that he would work on prevention.

“It’s not really a new drug because it’s a drug for medical use that is used in the pharmaceutical field, specifically in the field of anesthesiology and for pain control.”

He mentioned that he did not know that there could be other types of substances in the substance being produced illegally. He stated that what the fentanyl itself does is suppress the central nervous system and generate instant wellnessThat’s why it’s becoming so addictive, because It even creates excitement in some cases.

Dr Hugo Cesar Valdez stressed that the United States is the country with the highest number of deaths due to the use of fentanyl.

Fentanyl vs. ‘Crystal’

The head of the supervision department of rehabilitation centers recognized that there are not many differences between fentanyl and ‘crystal’, but made it clear that both are very addictive, but the former, its consumption can be fatal, from one moment to another. till .

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no quality supervision

Cesar Valdez stressed that there is no quality supervision in the production of fentanyl tablets, which can immediately lead to overdose.

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Fentanyl consumer detention begins in Sinaloa

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