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Famine warning: Ukraine’s crop will drop by 35% due to Russian invasion

in the case of the brutal attack of RussiaFilled with war crimes and attacks on civilians, that was not enough….

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in the case of the brutal attack of RussiaFilled with war crimes and attacks on civilians, that was not enough. Ukraine Soon a new crisis will be faced: famine and deprivationDue to a sharp reduction in its annual agricultural production.

in 2022, and apparently because of the Russian invasion of its territory, Ukraine’s harvest will be only 65% ​​of its normal quantity, The data will trigger an unfortunate domino effect, which will increase prices worldwide and cause supply shortage and famine,

Ukrainian economist by Pendzin went to the local chain Horomadske Radio To express your fear: Attack of RussiaWhich began on 24 February, badly affected the crops of the Ukrainian population, dramatically reducing their production.

“Food is not available for free in the world. Yes Ukraine Food in those regions that does not export grain to its traditional markets will not appear miraculously. and the prices will only increase», he explained, worried, pendzin,

The reasons are various: on the one hand, continuous bombardment Prevent sowing and cutting of crops. On the other hand, and as highlighted pendzinThe Russian military has been directly in charge of reducing supplies, and is engaged in Destroy Ukraine’s grain reserves,

In addition, and according to data published by United NationsHi! More than four tonnes of grain blocked In various Ukrainian ports, completely inaccessible due to the invasion.

crop failure

A group of farmers and local analysts are featured in a British newspaper Guardian complexity of the situation. There was a shortage of fertilizer, a shortage of spare parts for tractors, the closure of ports and, of course, their crops were disrupted. military activity,

as reported, A third Land commonly used for spring crops (eg Maize either Sunflower) will remain empty from planting. except, one third of the wheat crop Will be lost in attacks from last fall.

A small quantity of grain kept in stock was being exported out of the land through Poland You RomaniaBut this was only a “small fraction” of what was once exported from the ports of Odessa and MikolayevIn this Black Sea,

destroy the competition

“In parallel with the halt in wheat exports, Russia it is grain-filled bombing silosHangers containing chemical fertilizers, and vast stores of oils and lubricants. they are doing everything they can Ukraine Losing its resources as an agrarian state», condemned the economist.

Why so much force in blocking the agricultural production of the aggressor country? Is this a strategy to starve its inhabitants? according to this pendzinIn statements collected by Ukrainian media eukarniformThe reason is much more practical: Russia and Ukraine compete in the same international food marketsAnd thus, Moscow Gain an advantage over your neighbor.

But the shortfall would be the great consequence of this alleged economic decision and endangering the lives of millions,

According to the data of a report of United Nations with regard to food supply UkraineMay provoke war and blockade of ports Famine for 1.7 billion people Whole world.

“This is because an increase in grain prices will lead to an increase in global prices. Many they will lose the economic ability to access food», explained the Economist.

the President of Ukraine himself, Volodymyr Zelensky, had warned earlier in its day of a potential global food crisis. He predicted, soon after the invasion began, that there would be a global “tragedy” in terms of food security. If Russia didn’t unblock the ports,

Spanish agricultural associations expressed similar fears: Russia You Ukraine produce 30% of the world’s grain, 20% Maizeand 50% Sunflower, In addition, most fertilizers are used europa It also comes from these countries.