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Facebook may block news in Canada with new law

Canada.- To date, the social network Facebook has used . did not rule out the idea of Block news published…

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Canada.- To date, the social network Facebook has used . did not rule out the idea of Block news published on your platform in CanadaThis is as a result of the news revenue sharing bill of the Government of Canada.

Canadian Public Policy Manager, during a parliamentary committee metaRachel Curran was asked if the technology could replicate what the company did Australia In the virtual space of the North American country in 2021.

It was the last April of the current year when Bill C-18, “Online News Act”which focuses on Google and Facebook through which it wants to force these platforms to negotiate commercial agreements so that Share the proceeds from the news they broadcast with Canadian publishers,

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“The short answer is that we’re still evaluating that law. We didn’t know the scope of it until it was recently introduced. I would say we have some serious concerns,” said the meta executive. replied.

However, despite expressing concern of the company with regard to the bill, he clarified that, for the time being, he cannot comment on the future course of action by the corporation.

“I certainly cannot comment on our future course of action with respect to that bill,” he said.

The above Canadian initiative forces platforms such as Google and Facebook to reach commercial agreements with publishers in the North American country to share with them the monetary proceeds they receive for dissemination of news, so that if they reach the above agreements. If not reached, these companies will face mandatory negotiation and final resolution arbitration.

News Media Canada CEO Paul Denegan said in an email following Curran’s remarks, “Australians have not tolerated this, and neither have Canadians, especially in the midst of a global pandemic, when they rely on credible news sources.” are trusting.”

Although the independent judge would be in charge of reaching negotiations between the two parties, it would be Canadian Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC, for its abbreviation in English) regulatory body that oversees the new regime, having the power to decree Fines of up to $15 million per day Companies that do not comply.

The manager of public policies for Canada at Meta assured that Facebook had not been consulted about the new Canadian bill, with Secretary of Heritage Minister Laura Scafidi saying the statements were “false”, confirming that this Years and last year meetings were held with the executives of the company.

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“Today, Facebook representative Rachel Curran falsely claimed that the company was not consulted regarding the content of the Online News Act,” Scaffidi said.