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Face-to-face attention begins to build the income statement

Period 2021 begins to be able to give income statements in person at income statement offices From Last Thursday 26…

By admin , in news , at June 1, 2022

Period 2021 begins to be able to give income statements in person at income statement offices

From Last Thursday 26 MayTaxpayers are likely request your appointment For this face-to-face service.

Apart from this route and via the Internet through the page of the presentation agency And mobile applications, taxpayers accustomed to new technologies requiring personal assistance are also at their disposal since the beginning of May this year’ schemewe will call you‘, an alternative to face-to-face assistance in offices.

The filing period for both deposit and refund declarations will end on June 30, however the period for declarations to be submitted by direct debit will end on June 27.

According to the latest data from tax agency to which you have access Europa Pressis already over 11 million announcements Since the campaign began on 6 April, that has been more than half of the planned total.

2021 Earnings News

and that the presentation of 21,921,000 announcements is predicted throughout the campaign, 0.9% higher than last year, and of that total, it is expected that 14,350,000 give the right of refund (two thirds of the total and 1.1% more than last year) for an estimated amount of 11,122 million euros (5.8 percent more). 5,971,000 declarations are also expected to be submitted (down 1.5%), amounting to EUR 13,400 million.

In general, taxpayers are required to file a personal income tax return when Your income from work is more than 22,000 euros, However, when they have two or more payers – this would be the case for one employer and SEPE –, that limit is reduced to EUR 14,000 if the amount received by the other and other payers exceeds EUR 1,500.

As in the previous year, it is mandatory for the members of the cohabitation unit to have obtained the minimum required income and submit the declaration form. In addition, a good proportion of workers who have been in ERTE and earn less than EUR 22,000 per year must submit a declaration, unless they total more than EUR 14,000.

The main innovation of the campaign is the launch of an updated and expanded version of ‘.informer‘ of income and building a more specific one on economic activities. this tool, Available on agency websiteIncludes income support blocks structured and arranged to provide the requested information by simple questions made by the ‘informer’, which also allows you to keep the dialogue and answers given in PDF format.

Income Tax, Patrimony and the Volcano of La Palma

This year, as the main innovations, have Increase in the bracket of personal income tax (IRPF) for higher income, more cautious investment cryptocurrency Or assistance to those affected by the La Palma volcano.

Specifically, it raises two points to the state rate for labor incomes over 300,000 euros, to 47%, and three points for capital incomes over 200,000 euros, to 26%, a lower number of 36,194. will affect. According to estimates by the Ministry of Finance, taxpayers (0.17%), with an impact of 491.4 million euros (144 million in 2021 and 346 million in 2022).

In addition, in 2021 for allowances private pension scheme 2,000 euros as a maximum contribution to individuals, while the company’s plan to increase business contributions and correct the “regressiveness” of these benefits increased the combined reduction limit (participant and company) from 8,000 to 10,000 euros, according to the government went. This measure will provide a collection of 580 million in 2022.

with regard to tax heritageLast year the budget introduced a 1% increase to a rate of 3.5% for assets over 10 million euros.

Focus on Cryptocurrencies

This year, exceptional assistance given in cases of direct hurricane death and permanent total disability is exempt.Philomena’ and assistance for direct personal injury caused by volcanic eruptions on the island of La Palma.

As a result of the eruption of the Cambre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma, the income tax law was also amended, from January 1, 2021, to include reasons for exemption from public assistance for repairs to the destruction of heritage. Elements produced by fire, flood, subsidence, volcanic eruption or other natural causes.

On the other hand, Treasury has increased cryptocurrency investment monitoring To prevent tax evasion and fraud. For this reason, a clause has been introduced to identify the balance of virtual currencies, which had hitherto been included in the general section of ‘.Other goods and rights to economic material,

Face-to-face attention begins to build the income statement

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