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Expectations for ‘Resident Evil’ series on Netflix have risen two months after premiere

2022-05-15 00:15:14 The Resident Evil series premieres on July 14. @NetflixLAT The first images of the new Netflix series inspired…

By admin , in news , at May 15, 2022

2022-05-15 00:15:14
The Resident Evil series premieres on July 14. @NetflixLAT

The first images of the new Netflix series inspired by Resident Evil were released. Details about the plot are yet to be known, next we will see Raccoon City, we will have umbrella facilities and we will have the end of the world in 2036, 14 years after the spread of the virus.

The protagonist of the series, which premieres on July 14, is Jade Wesker, the daughter of one of the franchise’s outright villains, Albert Wesker, whom we’ll see in the series (apart from a notable change in her appearance) to something more human.

The series appears to have some visual and thematic continuity with Paul W.S. Anderson’s films rather than Capcom games.

For the rest, the trailer delivers everything expected in a “Resident Evil” series: zombies, umbrellas in the form of an evil corporation, and mutant monsters.

Jade’s search for her missing sister is, of course, a plot line that distances itself from games and movies, and we leave that up to law enforcement agencies represented by Stars or Raccoon City Police, though that’s not ruled out. The action fork in various more recognizable characters for fans of that saga, and this preview is only a first guess. Of course, this is a different approach than usual.

In addition, the return of Albert Wesker was confirmed by Netflix Resident Evil series showrunner Andrew Nab, who explained in an interview with The Gamer that the villain did not die in Resident Evil 5: “There’s a very good reason why Wesker is back and it doesn’t boil down to the fact that he was wearing lava-proof clothing and a rocket launcher.”

The hope is that this case has a good justification for the return of Albert Wesker to the Netflix Resident Evil series, as the history of the franchise is documented by the community and the simple act of touching a canonical element to change it is a risk. ,

Netflix’s Resident Evil series will premiere on July 14 and will tackle the events in 2 timelines, one in 2022 and the other in 2036. Both were plagued by the disaster of zombies, creatures, and the Umbrella Corporation’s experiments.