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Europeans are forced to ration gas if Putin implements staggered cuts

Europe can survive the winter without gas. Russia eased pumping through Ukraine and Poland on Thursday, after several days of…

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Europe can survive the winter without gas. Russia eased pumping through Ukraine and Poland on Thursday, after several days of threats that have escalated tensions between Moscow and Brussels in yet another step. gazprom – with which practically all EU states have current contracts – reduced shipments through a country invaded by Vladimir Putin, where a third of all gas purchased by Europe passes from Russia.

The Russian energy giant sends 35% of its gas to the community, and Ukraine holds the key. particular, one of four houses from the old continent is heated by Russian gas transit through the Eastern European country, Caught in a terrible war started by the Kremlin.

This has not been the only movement in Russia. Moscow seeks to attack its main geo-strategic enemies by taking hostage one of Europe’s major gas pipelines. Yamal-EuropeOne of the main gas entrances, has been cut off at Putin’s orders.

Repsol’s CEO, Josu John Imaz, at the conference ahead of the CEBEK assemblyEFE

You have to make a very significant effort to reduce consumptionRepsol CEO Josu John Imaz

The warning leaves the door open for supply cuts that could be fatal for euro-sharing countries. This Wednesday, CEO of Repsol, Joshua John EmaziAlert launched. “There is a supply problem in the next six or seven months, which is going to have a dramatic impact,” he said at a conference organized by the Vizcaya Business Association.

The words of the head of the oil company confirm the fear that has haunted Europe since the beginning of the war. sooner or later, EU must break ties with Russian gas, The progress of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the latest threats launched by the Kremlin against third parties have begun to mount pressure on the twenty-seven.

Finland has applied to join NATO in the past few hours. Russia’s response is not long in coming. Not only has Moscow challenged Helsinki with sanctions, but Russian government chief spokesman Dmitry Peskov has threatened “military retaliation” if the northern European country eventually joins the Atlantic Alliance.

Reservoir of the Karelia Brigade on target exercises near the Russian border in southeastern FinlandAFP

At the moment, the department headed by Ursula von der Leyen is still set on the screens before the sixth package of sanctions against Russia. A list of penalties that includes a gradual veto on Russian oil. Brussels, backed by most euro countries, is trying to persuade Hungary – Putin’s ally – to activate the measure. The European Union imports about 25% of all the crude it buys from Moscow.

While European officials try to extract a commitment from Viktor Orban, the Community Executive continues to plot. Your plan to reduce the impact of a gas outage, During the past weeks, Brussels has imposed the objective of accumulating more than 80% of its reserves on European partners. Many of them – those most dependent on gas from the Kremlin – are having a difficult time despite the increase in alternative gas shipments, which were evident in April. Spain sent all the gas That allowed the small gas pipelines of Larau and Iron.

low consumption till winter

Madrid, Brussels, Paris and Rome want to speed up deadlines for two more pipelines. midcat And this Spanish-Italian gas pipeline Will release a substantial portion of regasified LNG on the peninsula. Two plans that need time to complete. The Catalan gas pipeline has only built one of its sections. The Italian is a fetus that Anagas and the Transalpine Gas Manager (SNAM) have agreed to study.

Plans are very uncertain if the closure of all Russian shipments finally comes. Imaz asks Repsol to start saving gas. To this end, the CEO of the energy company called on the entire European society to try reduce energy consumption, “We have to consider how we address the supply security risks that may arise in the coming months,” he said.

Europeans are forced to ration gas if Putin implements staggered cuts

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