Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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EU fails to reach agreement on sanctions on Russian oil purchases

countries of The European Union were unable to reach an agreement this Sunday to ban oil imports from Russia in…

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countries of The European Union were unable to reach an agreement this Sunday to ban oil imports from Russia in response to his attack Ukraine. Difficulties caused by dependence on crude oil for some partners Moscow is the main obstacle.

Ambassadors’ Meeting twenty seven before ui Diplomatic sources explained, it started around noon and lasted for an hour and a half, as countries were not able to unblock the stockpile. Hungary, Slovakia hey czech republic,

Oil embargo remains main difficulty in meeting European bloc’s sixth package retaliation Kremlineven though the original proposal of The European Commission Considers a normal withdrawal period that lasts till the end of the year and gives one more year Hungary You Slovakia Because of its dependence on Russian crude oil imports by pipeline.

During the past few hours, “very significant progress” has been made on “most of the elements” that make up the package, but “work remains to be done” to reach agreement, the same sources specify.

In particular, on the guarantee they want Budapest, Bratislava You Praha To ensure an adequate supply of this hydrocarbon when they release Russian crude, on which they are highly dependent, through pipeline imports.

“as fast as possible”

the goal of european clubTherefore, contacts are to continue “at all levels” as early as next week to reach an agreement “as soon as possible” on the sixth package of sanctions.

offer of community executiveIntroduced on Wednesday, aimed at banning oil imports into Russia ui Six months after the imposition of sanctions, while in the case of refined oil this period has been extended to eight months.

in the matter of Hungary You SlovakiaThey will enjoy a long period until December 31, 2023, but both countries think it is short and they also joined czech republicWhoever asked that it be three years.

In any case, Sanctions shall veto all possible technical assistance, direct or indirect, and all arbitration services, including financial and insurance, to which Prohibition relates. Russian oil,

In addition, to prevent Russian oil tankers from evading sanctions, the text calls for a ban on the transportation of Russian oil In all its modalities, including the transfer of “ship-to-ship” cargo from Russian ships to carriers of another flag.

On the other end, Brussels It is proposed to add to the list of Russian banks excluded from the international SWIFT transaction system Sberbanklargest in the country, as well as Agricultural Bank of Russia100% owned by the state, and Moscow Credit Bank,

Brussels has also proposed sanctioning individuals, such as a Russian colonel known as a “butcher’s butcher”. bush» or the patriarch of traditional church Russia, and about twenty companies affiliated with the Ministry of Defense or the Russian military, as well as three media outlets.