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EU fails to approve sanctions on Russian oil

loss foreign Minister Found this monday out of 27 Brussels to try to pass sixth Package of sanctions against Russia…

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loss foreign Minister Found this monday out of 27 Brussels to try to pass sixth Package of sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine without success. The Reason? Russian oil embargosomething with Hungary Not ready to swallow for now.

“We have not managed to reach a political agreement,” the head of European diplomacy, the Spanish, synthesized last night josep borrellAt a press conference at the end of the meeting.

However, all is not lost. Proposed ban on crude oil from the country under the chairmanship of Vladimir Putin This will be discussed again at the negotiating table where the Permanent Representative of the Bloc works in Brussels.

“I can’t say it will take a week or two,” Borrell said in statements collected by AFP. Final judgment May prepare for European summit scheduled for next few days May 20 and 21 In the capital of Belgium and the seat of community institutions.

18,000 million, Hungarian bill

Hungarian Viktor OrbanPutin’s main aide The European Unionhas estimated the cost to its economy of dumping Russian oil at between 15,000 and 18,000 million euros. This amount corresponds to the modernization of its energy infrastructure.

czech republic You Slovakia They have also been reluctant to turn the tap on Russian crude, given that their energy dependence on it is among the highest in the union.

The European Union has offered one year extension So that member countries can adapt to the new context and gradually eliminate oil imports from Russia. A period that Orban considers insufficient.

Bulgaria You Croatia They also fear the impact of a sudden cut in crude imported from Russia. Basic plan launched by The European Commission Considered discontinuing imports of more refined products within a period of six months to the end of this year to continue funding. war in ukraine,

“It is an objective position that Some member states face more difficulties Because they are more dependent, because they don’t have access to the sea, because they don’t have the possibility to get oil tankers directly,” explained Borrell, who stressed that they “make every effort to unblock the situation.” will do.”

Orban Review

These vetoes of a blockade of Russian oil imports have raised blisters within the federation. Many voices have publicly criticized the shutdown, focusing on Hungary.

So the foreign minister ItalyLuigi Di Maio has pointed out that “we must do away with the law” unanimity which today only allows one country to block any decision in which all others agree”, an implied reference to the Orban-led country.

In the same vein, his Lithuanian counterpart, Gabrielius Landsbergis lamented that the entire EU bloc is “hostage to a member state that cannot help us find consent,

“Kill Russian Exports”

to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ukraine, Dimitro KulebaPresent at the meeting, the key to ending the war is “killing Russian exports”.

Again without explicitly naming Hungary or Orbán, Kuleba urged that ui “Find a way to address that country’s concerns.” “It is no exaggeration to say that there is only one country that prevents the introduction of an oil embargo,” he insisted.

EU fails to approve sanctions on Russian oil

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