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Estrada Ferreiro’s Potential Alternative to Culiacan Mayor’s Office

Sinaloa.- If the mayor of Culiacan departsJesus Estrada Ferreiro, as a result of the impeachment case against himit will be…

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Sinaloa.- If the mayor of Culiacan departsJesus Estrada Ferreiro, as a result of the impeachment case against himit will be through the back door and it will probably be marked End of his political career.

Sinaloa columnists and political analysts agreed on the above, revealing that Morena leaders have already tried to negotiate a good exit, He says he even offered him a federal position, which he has yet to accept. in between potential relay of road Graciela Dominguez Nava is mentioned.

The dismissal of Estrada Ferreiro is imminent, Hector Ponce said, because if everything continues, he does not have many opportunities to get out of the situation well, as he was given opportunities for a decent exit and he He was rejected.

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But there are doubts that the political trial will be carried to its conclusion, and that’s what political analyst Osvaldo Villasenor warns. They believe that the political trial figures have already been prostitution, calling for impeachment even before it is inaugurated, the mayors of Mazatlán, Guasave and Cosala.

“If the trial had been made applicable to issues like nepotism or alleged corruption, to name a few, it would have applied to everyone, including the governor,” he said. Roberto Soltero and Fernando Zepeda agree that Estrada’s departure will be backdoor, but this will depend on the circumstances in the development of the process.


Congress launches political trial against Jesus Estrada Ferreiro

With 32 votes in favor and seven votes against, the Commission on Constitutional Points and the Congress Government of the State of Sinaloa impeachment trial begins Against the municipal president of Culiacán, Jesus Estrada Ferreiro, Last April 22.

Although the meeting was secret, it was revealed that there were 21 legislators from Morena, eight from the PRI, one from Movimiento Ciudadano, one from the Labor Party and one from no party with both votes in favour.

Requests to conduct a political trial began on March 14, when the organization Pueblo Unidos por Culiacán submitted 10,000 signatures requesting this procedure; Subsequently, the widows of policemen submitted another request and the third was submitted by the Bars, Colleges and Lawyers Associations of the State of Sinaloa.

Graciela Dominguez, Mr. Public education and culture in Sinaloa

Graciela Dominguez, who directs the Ministry of Public Education and Culture in the current government of Rubén Rocha Moya in Sinaloa, is the most cited in interviews by columnists and political analysts of the institution. argument, They say that he can replace Jess Estrada Ferrero in the municipal president of Culiacán.

Columnists Fernando Zepeda and Hector Ponce point to him as one of the governor’s closest people. Hector Ponce, in particular, described the head of the Sepik as having a good profile, a prepared and intelligent woman who, in addition to being close to the governor, is also very close to the deputies, as she was their coordinator.

Dominguez sought to be a candidate for mayor of Culiacan. He did not succeed, but he has the confidence of the governor and is one of the main candidates to replace Estrada Ferreiro, if the political trial sees him relinquish his chair. is,” Pons noted.

For analyst Osvaldo Villaseor, Graciela Dominguez doesn’t have enough political strength to hold office; However, he doesn’t deny it.

Local deputy for Morena, Jesus Ibarra Ramos

If the recommendation to appoint an alternative to Estrada Ferrero in the mayor’s office of Culiacan came from the national leader of Morena, Mario Delgado, surely it would be the current local deputy, Jess Ibarra Ramos. They are very close.

This was explained by columnist and political analyst Roberto Soltero Acua, who also said that this should be someone the governor could work with, as the state president himself stated that it was necessary to coordinate with the municipal president of the Sinaloa capital. Is. Projects and works are needed, among them the famous Ring Road, one of the works announced by Rocha.

As for Osvaldo Villaseor Pacheco, the resignation of Jess Ibarra Ramos from the Commission of Inquiry caused a lot of noise, because when he justified himself by saying that the National Executive Committee of Morena did not give support for a political trial, his resignation could be in process. encouraged not to pollute it. However, he said, it is a name that is mentioned very strongly in the mayor’s office to replace Jesus Estrada Ferreiro and cannot be ruled out.

Aaron Rivas, former mayor of Culiacán and former local deputy

In case the political trial reached this conclusion, Aaron Rivas Loiza was put on the table as a possible substitute for Jesus Estrada Ferrero, agreed by analysts Osvaldo Villasenor Pacheco and Hector Ponce.

They agreed to reveal that this PRI character, the former mayor of Culiacán and former local deputy, has been offered a federal secretariat. “It’s a good profile and it can give a surprise,” Ponce said.

Villaseor Pacheco recalled that Rivas Loiza was already sitting in the chair of the Municipal Palace. At the same time, he said, he is close to Enrique Injunza, the current Secretary General of the government in Sinaloa, and noted an important relationship under Morena’s leadership.

“Although he is a PRI member, Aaron will be a factor of unity among some streams of Murray, but also with some streams of the PRI. He is a close man of Jesus Vizcarra, he has worked with Malova, with Milan and all He has ties in political parties and is well-watched by everyone, including Morena,” said Villaseor, who also recalled that Paine had proposed him as their candidate. For the mayor of Culiacán.

Feliciano Castro Local Deputy and President of Zukopos

Feliciano Castro is doing very well in a job in the state Congress, but he could also have done a good job as head of the municipal president of Culiacán. He is one of the characters closest to the governor and the proud representative of Morena, considered Fernando Zepeda, the columnist and political analyst of the debate.

He said a good job has been seen by Feliciano Castro in coordination with Governor Rubén Rocha Moya, however, replacing Estrada Ferreiro will depend on how the character is freed from the impeachment process.

“If his departure is negotiated so that he leaves the door calmly, without the intervention of the Superior State Audit, the change may be less painful, but if he fights to the end, as it may be, it is still It will be complicated for him. Closest to the governor,” he said.

Political analyst Roberto Soltero said that Feliciano Castro has high tasks to perform in the Sinaloa Congress and a significant political coordination that he cannot run for mayor’s office; However, he said, none can be ruled out as an alternative to Estrada Ferreiro.

Javier Gaxiola Koppel, Secretary of the Economy in Sinaloa

For columnist Hector Ponce, the alternative for Jess Estrada Ferrero in the mayor’s office could be leaving the state cabinet, because according to Governor Rubén Rocha Moya himself, whoever holds that position should be someone with whom he can coordinate.

He mentioned Javier Gaxiola Koppel, the secretary of economy in the government of Sinaloa, as the main prospect, whom he describes as a young profile with a very good image in the business sector. In addition, the columnist said, it is very well accepted among businessmen and businessmen, which will send a very positive message to these areas with which Estrada Ferreiro has had very strong differences.

Ponce recalled that Estrada Ferreiro has had direct conflicts with traders, so Gaxiola Koppel’s figure would be ideal to brush off the rough edges and favor investments for Sinaloa capital. Moreover, he said, he is close to the governor and his name has already been mentioned in the most appropriate profile to be the substitute for the municipal president.

Enrique Diaz Vega, Mr. Administration and Finance in Sinaloa

With little prospects, but without denial, the name of Enrique Diaz Vega is heard as a possible alternative to Estrada Ferreiro in the office of Culiacán mayor.

Ponce, political analyst argumentmentioned him as one of the characters close to the governor who could leave the cabinet.

He said that, like Gaxiola Koppel, he is also a politician close to the merchants and that if he becomes mayor as an alternative to Estrada, he will send a very good message to the business class and the merchants, the groups that Estrada Ferrero constantly punished. Its politics and way of working.

Enrique Diaz is a person close to the governor and, at the moment, with a perfect profile for Morena, Hector Ponce noted, but he would not be the first option, as the names of Graciela Dominguez and Gaxiola Coppel are heard more than the cabinet. , Nor, he said, is it mentioned as a recommendation to party leaders, but no possibility can be ruled out for them and given an opportunity to showcase their way of working.

Political trial process against Jesus Estrada

If a political trial is held and ends with dismissal before one year of protesting his second term as mayor has elapsed, new elections will have to be held.

Friday 4

Three tables in different points of Culiacán’s city hall set up the Pueblo Unidos organization to collect signatures requesting a political trial against Jesus Estrada.

Monday 14

Pueblo Unido, giving 10,000 signatures to the Congress of the state of Sinaloa, requesting that an impeachment trial be initiated against the municipal president of Culiacán, also demonstrated.

Friday 19

Widows of police officers supported the impeachment request against the mayor of Culiacan and complained about the constant ridicule that the municipal president makes against them.

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Thursday 7

He declined the impeachment request submitted by the Federation of Bars, Colleges and State Lawyers’ Associations, but it was ratified on the 25th.

Friday 22

The Commission on Constitutional Points and the government of the Congress of Sinaloa launched a political trial privately against the mayor of Culiacán, Jesus Estrada.

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