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Estrada assures that political trials are an obsession

Sinaloa.- The Municipal President of Culiacán, Jesus Estrada Ferreiro, announced that on the day of He will join the state…

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Sinaloa.- The Municipal President of Culiacán, Jesus Estrada Ferreiro, announced that on the day of He will join the state Congress at 5 pm today. to deliver His reaction to the political lawsuit against him And those who were at City Hall’s esplanade for Mother’s Day tributes invited her to join them, but without the intention that they should feel obliged.

He assured that the State Congress He doesn’t have enough elements to remove him from his position and it’s almost the passion to impeach him And 4 more presidents, because they commented that it was a distorted plan.

“I am sober without any worry about my legal future, because my conscience is clear, I have not committed a crime, because there is not a 1 percent chance that a serious crime will be configured so that they can stand a political trial. ” said.

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He explained that Governor Rubén Rocha Moya sent him a message via the media to seek deputies to speak with him, but that all he would do was look for them to speak with him and that he would not take up this position. To retain, but to attend the invitation of the State President.

The mayor said that: “There’s an intention, it’s an obsession at this point. Threatening my lawyer, for my personal protector whom I had appointed and the danger goes further as he was an adviser to the previous governor. I felt safe with a guy who knew the guts of the monster they created out there, he’s a good lawyer, I admit, but The danger was raw and crossed Spain And they told him that they would investigate the former governor’s public accounts if he did not resign.

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Also, he mentioned that Will sign an agreement with the state government on the pending payment of widows of policemenSince he feels threatened and said that it is a circus with deputies.

“It is a slander that they want to politically prosecute municipal presidents like me, the president of Kosala, Carla Corales and today they will certainly condemn the chemist Benitez, I have the name of those who follow, But I wouldn’t say right now, maybe in some they are right and there are elements to do that and that’s right and I would support any political lawsuit against me as well but that there were some elements and they weren’t inventing, Because the file they gave me was incomplete, ”said the mayor of Culiacán

They demand the discovery of Martha Alejandra, who disappeared 10 days earlier in Urupan, Michoacani.