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Esther does not celebrate Mother’s Day in Mazatlán, looks for her son

Sinaloa.- On this 10th May, many mothers are celebrated by their children, husband and other relatives, but in the case…

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Sinaloa.- On this 10th May, many mothers are celebrated by their children, husband and other relatives, but in the case of Mothers belonging to search groupsThings are quite different in Sinaloa. Take son of forced disappearance You don’t know where he is buried Throughout the municipality, he turned his life 180 degrees, and there is not much to celebrate on this day.

Good morning, can you tell us what your name is?

I am Maria Esther.

Do you have a missing child, how long has he been missing?

He turned three on May 6, he left and did not return.

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Can you tell us what happened that day, what do you know about the day your son went missing?

Well, all I know is that he was on his way to work, ordered an Uber and went to work. Uber stopped his trip about a few blocks from his home, where he lived with his family, and from that moment on we never heard from him again.

What is your son’s name and how old was he when he went missing?

His name is Onofre R and he was 44 years old.

How long have you been part of a group of trackers Lost Treasures until they are found?

Well, my son was lost in May, I was admitted in June. I joined the group as soon as I was able to contact them

What do these celebrations mean for you after your son’s disappearance?

nothing is the same. Now, the truth is that from that moment on it was never the same again. Celebrations are no longer the same, not anymore.

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day with your son earlier?

Well, all together as a family; All my kids at home together. There I made any small thing for them to eat, there everyone participated together.

Do you remember the gift your son gave you that you still have today?

yes of course.

What was the last gift you got from your son?

Well, the last gift he gave me was some curtains and an arrangement of roses that he had brought for me.

How are you getting together this Mother’s Day?

Well, sometimes we’ve tried to have meetings but we just look at each other’s faces because we feel like we don’t have much to celebrate.

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Is this celebration too painful?

Yes, it’s so painful for us, it’s not the same anymore, really.

Mrs. Maria Esther, better known among her peers “Mother Esther” was interviewed during the search who made Group of Trackers haul treasures until they find them In the area known as El Cafetal, located between the cities of Las Higueras del Conchi and Miravalles in Mazatlán.

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