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Escuinapa Book; Biography of its rulers 1531-2018

Escuinapa.- Inspired by a taste for history and knowing its cultural roots Hector Manuel Toledo Hyala presented his book Escuinapa;…

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Escuinapa.- Inspired by a taste for history and knowing its cultural roots Hector Manuel Toledo Hyala presented his book Escuinapa; Biography of its rulers 1531-2018 Where the investigation of the government’s actions of politicians comes to the fore during the history of this southern municipality of Sinaloa.

The presentation of the book was held at the Severiano Moreno Theatre. in the House of Culture where they were Distinguished Guests Former municipal presidents such as Mahomedali Sánchez Luc, Bonifacio Bustamante Hernández, Fernanda Oseguera BurquesFamily, friends and students of Eligio Diaz High School.

The author said that inspired by his taste for history and its roots, he has inspired them to create his own books. Escuinapa: biography of its rulers You Rosarance Lyrical Anthology Which tells the story of the four poets of Rosario and the story of El Rosario.

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In Escuinapa: the biography of its governors, a detailed investigation is offered on Acts of the government of the statesmen of EscuinapensAlso the reference to Mexico, addresses the indigenous phases of esquinapaThe conquest of Sinaloa, the former location of this municipality.

Escuinapa Book; Biography of its rulers 1531-2018 | Photo: Maria Ibarra / Debate

“The history of Escuinapa is captured in this book, we approach the first settlers of the region, the Totorum culture, the conquest of Nuo Beltrán, the colonization with Francisco de Ibarra, the rulers in charge of this municipality”, story .

This work addresses the most important phases of Mexico, such as the War of Independence, the War of Reformation, and the Mexican Revolution.

The author explained that the urbanization of Escuinapa is also addressed, to give the various rulers of this municipality an account of their actions and actions that mark the history of the current population. Until the victory of the current president of the republic and reaching the government Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador,

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Toledo Hayala commented that its first edition was of 20 books and that the municipal government, headed by Blanca Estella García Sánchez, has promised to contribute resources for an edition of 10 more books, on making the people of Escuinapens available to the public. are considering. Municipality library…

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Degree in Communication Science. Escuinapa Correspondent. I have 15 years of work experience in written journalism, covering the south of Sinaloa. I started in Concordia where I participated in the political life and social struggles of this municipality located in the mountainous part of Sinaloa, as well as events in the various productive regions of the region. I later did coverage at El Rosario, where I was a correspondent for 5 years, giving people a voice through written journalism, as well as focusing on the area’s health, tourism, education, agriculture, fishing, livestock and mining sectors. . From 2011 to 2013 I entered public service as El Rosario’s Director of Social Communications and Public Relations. And from 2014 to 2016 I did the same thing but now in the municipality of Escuinapa. In 2017 I joined the ranks of EL DEBATE to cover news events in the Southern Municipality of Escuinapa.

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