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Error with Pegasus occurred in Moncloa, not in CNI

Engineer Carlos Jimenez famous for inventing the first computer antivirus in the late 1980s Friday the 13, one of the…

By admin , in news , at May 14, 2022

Engineer Carlos Jimenez famous for inventing the first computer antivirus in the late 1980s Friday the 13, one of the first viruses to appear. After reaching stardom, he started his own company, Secureware, which, along with his reputation, inspired him to protect customers, such as tax agencyThe ministry of domestic affairs or one of them defendingamong others.

His vast experience and knowledge places him as a highly authorized spokesperson for analyzing the crisis arising out of the program’s espionage. Pegasus Prime Minister, various ministers and leaders of Republican Leftamong others, and which has resulted in the dismissal of peace stephen As Director of the National Intelligence Center (CNI,

The dismissal has been attributed to errors by CNI, but this is not the opinion of Jimenez; It seems more likely that Moncloa committed them: «For years before I had to work in otaniI verified that politicians wanted to use their mobiles without any restrictions, and thus the security measures are relaxed”, he points out.

Jimenez explains that Obama He used a Blackberry because his intelligence services did not allow him to use another smartphone, and he, as the former president of businessman Telefónica, was knowledgeable about the risks of mobile phones. Caesar Alierta He used a very old telephone to avoid spying. “Yes Pedro Sanchez Insist on using his iPhone because he likes it should he be aware that it can be manipulated. This is not the fault of the CNI. Communication with that device may not be secure,” he explains.

From his experience in the tax agency and the ministries of the interior and defense, Jimenez knows the safeguards he recommends National Cryptological Center ,CCN) are very obvious, but if politicians leave them, there is nothing to do. “If those rules were followed, there would be far fewer problems. The CNI is one of the most capable institutions in Spain. Why should they be blamed when there are so many links in the chain?” Jimenez asks. In this sense, it refers to the responsibility of the minister of the presidency, Felix BolaosWhich should probably have more control over the equipment the president uses, given the potential importance of the information he handles.

Jimenez explains that Pegasus is a program that has been available to the Secret Services for many years. Take advantage of mobile security holes and slip there to control devices. Also, he confirms that his presence is easy to detect.

This specialist assures that the problem lies in the computer programs, which are not done properly, and that is where the viruses are installed. “from 11 sThey are spying on all of us with the logic of persecuting the terrorists. Legislation allows Trojans to be installed. We are less and less free. In addition, people do not care about their privacy, as seen with social networks, and public bodies are not aware of what their information is and how vulnerable they are,” he says. That is to say if you ask the ministries they will say that they are very well protected. The reality is that sometimes situations like computer system crashes rescueUnfortunately often recently, those who show the opposite.

As an expert in the world of viruses and data, Jimenez attests to the evidence that social networks handle a lot of information about users, and it would make sense to have them on Telegram rather than WhatsApp, although if the virus is on our devices. No matter where we are: they’ll spy on us anyway. As an expert on viruses, Jimenez has also studied the behavior of covid Using your knowledge in databases. The conclusion they reached and declared was that Pfizer’s vaccine was not going to work, Compared to the 28,000 nucleotides of COVID DNA, he confirms that the vaccine only acts on 400 nucleotides, a small percentage of mutations that make it ineffective and he does not know whether it was selected on purpose or because of inefficiency.

Error with Pegasus occurred in Moncloa, not in CNI

2022-05-14 02:26:04