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Enrique “El Nio” Metinides dies at 88; A legend of photojournalism in Mexico

Photojournalism is in mourning in Mexico and the cameras are down for a moment as a sign of respect: Jarlombos…

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Photojournalism is in mourning in Mexico and the cameras are down for a moment as a sign of respect: Jarlombos Enrique Matinides Tsironidespopularly known in business Henry “The Kid” Metinides, He passed away this Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at the age of 88.

there was one Mexican photographer Renowned and recognized for his journalistic work in Red Note Whose work spanned nearly seven decades, capturing unique moments on public streets.

Enrique Matinides was born on 12 February 1934 And around the age of 9, he started taking his own camera to capture moments from his daily life; He was up to 14 yearssince 1949, when Started your coverage in police incidents, disasters or road accidents in the streets of mexico city, His photos were published for the tabloids.

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Enrique Matinides died at the age of 88

“Photojournalist Enrique Matinides passed away this Tuesday, May 10 at 9:22 am,” he shared on his social network. noel alvaradopublisher of information newspaper pressOf which Metinides was an ally.

“El Nio”, as his classmates affectionately referred to him, began capturing everything that caught his attention at age 9 with a tiny camera, and From the age of 14, he worked as an assistant and photographer in various media covering public safety issues,

There he managed to meet various police chiefs, paramedics union, He got on fire trucks and drove around Mexico City in his car With your radio so that you don’t miss coverage in an emergency.

I slept with the Red Cross, the fire department and the local police turned on the radio frequency., Regularly, at night, an ambulance would come to his door.

“get up!” He told her. “A fire, a crash, a plane crash, a revenge…” And Matinides, born in Mexico, groped in the dark for his vest full of bags, already with the knot on his tie, the camera and went without Wait till the ambulance.

The practice of the time, he told Reforma, was to describe crimes in a fictional way that involved readers, who while reading saw a series of photographs, not of passive bodies, but the entire environment of the crime.

Metinides then remembered that he himself had reported the stories, although he had not written them. He will then share information with journalists, including Manuel Bendiawith whom he worked when he covered police note,

He told of the journalist’s death, “I went to the ambulance to take pictures and the day they killed him, I was in the ambulance. I recognized him, because no one knew who he was.”

Their images – the remains of a burning passenger truck or a crashed plane or the red manicure of journalist Adela Lagaretta, driven from above, crossed the pages of newspapers until they were displayed in museums, for example For in El Estanquillo, in 2017.

When he turned 80, he said that he was actually 133; He numbered them as follows:

“Seven broken ribs, a heart attack, and I survived 19 accidents. 19 to the lives of 7 cats: 133 years.”