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Enrique Alfaro and Samuel Garcia interview 150 businessmen

Guadalajara, Jalisco. – Proposal to renew the current fiscal agreement that it still stands with the federal government and today…

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Guadalajara, Jalisco. – Proposal to renew the current fiscal agreement that it still stands with the federal government and today another step was taken to solidify it with the project Axis Nuevo León – Jalisco Presented by Governors Enrique Alfaro and Samuel García to 150 businessmen today of both the states.

The meeting took place in Monterrey and there were both amassias governors. He invited owners of industries with a registered tax domicile in Jalisco and Nuevo León to make changes to the payment of taxes for their companies.where they originate, thus ending the present in Mexico City.

“I would love this meeting, and to make a commitment to return the great businessmen of Nuevo León and Jalisco here, RFC for our land And that our taxes remain in our states. It’s a luck! … they’re not going to envision the amount that’s going to come back to us in future years, in stocks”, Samuel Garcia said before those guys.

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To which Enrique Alfaro Ramírez said, “We need your help to raise our voice, so that this simple change can make a very profound difference… great issues of the country’s growth and development in the future”.

Also present at the event were the Municipal President of Guadalajara, Pablo Lemas Navarro, and Luis Donaldon Colosio Riojas, Monterrey. Photo: Government of Jalisco

The governor of Jalisco clarified that This demand is not a party or political struggle And said it is a fight “for dignity”, “for the fair treatment of our states”, “so that we can have the resources to remain the engines of Jalisco and Nuevo León.” National economy,

Achievements of Jalisco and Nuevo León, as indicated in the presentation of Nuevo León – Jalisco Hub today

They contribute 14.7% to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country as a whole

They contribute 17.2% of the employees registered with IMSS

They contribute to 18.8% of the jobs created during the economic recovery phase

They contribute 18.4% to the registered pattern

They contribute 19.3% to FDI

They contribute 15% to the country’s large economic units

Nuevo León and Jalisco generate 14.7% of the exports made throughout Mexico.

After the Valley of Mexico, Jalisco and Nuevo León are the most populous metropolises, with over 10 million people.

Samuel Garcia highlighted that in the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, 120,000 new jobs were created in Nuevo León and Jalisco.

He also said that the proposal was promoted by two governors. civil movement as the objective improving economic future Join hands with businessmen from both the states, who are named as the strongest in this matter at the national level.

“In both Jalisco and Nuevo León we understand that Private industry is an ally of the government, not an enemy… (and these) are issues that have to be present and will undoubtedly make a difference between those who today are devoted solely to grilling, only to confront, and only to contemplate how they are going to win the election. are (in 2024)”.

Samuel García and Enrique Alfaro also presented the level of simultaneous accessibility of Nuevo León and Jalisco in different economic sectors at the national level and highlighted some of the strengths they possess. The governor of Nuevo León has even stated that he is convinced that Between the two states “they produce much more (money) than the Treasury”,

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Enrique Alfaro reminds businessmen next meeting between the governors and the merchants In the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco in September and upgraded some of them other subjects It will be addressed by: Incorporating social justice into politics, guaranteeing energy adequacy, meeting environmental commitments agreed at the Paris climate change summit, leveraging the Nuevo León border with the United States and the cargo hub of Guadalajara airport .

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Enrique Alfaro and Samuel Garcia interview 150 businessmen

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