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Emotional video with which Benjamin Vicuna pays tribute to Blanca on the day she turns 16 – People Online

It’s 15th of May. a very special day in the life of Benjamin Vicuna You Pumpita, His eldest daughter, Blanca,…

By admin , in news , at May 15, 2022

It’s 15th of May. a very special day in the life of Benjamin Vicuna You Pumpita, His eldest daughter, Blanca, will be 16 and the actor shared the words with his followers as he addressed his girl.

In August 2012, Pampita and Vicuna went on vacation to the Riviera Maya with their three grown children, Blanca, Boustista and Beltrán. A few days later, the girl – who was 6 at the time – contracted a bacteria and was unable to leave.

Along with a video of Blanca on the beach, Benjamin wrote: “Today time tells me that you are turning 16, the same time that evaporates memories with a cruelty that is not suitable for children. Time that adjusts and beautifies ”, started.

And I add: ,my girl lady who taught me how not to be afraid of deathMy sweet little girl who used to watch sideways on TV, my inflatable princess, my enchanted elf, my fairy with toy wings”.

“I can’t even imagine your long hair and your laugh, I can speculate on your teenage years while your cousins ​​and friends dance at their 15th birthday parties”, to express.

“I see you running in search of snails on the beach to hear the depths of the ocean, the sea that repeats your name today. The time line on the horizon is confused or the time melts into the horizon. One Days like today I was the happiest person in the world since you were born, you were the light and the rainbow”wrote.

Very impressed by the date, Vicuna reflected: ,You are love in its simplest expression. Love that changes and doesn’t die. The love that dazzles death, the love that excites and moves me”,

“Happy birth Blanca Vicua Ardohain, you are reborn every sunrise, you are reborn at every sign from God, every time we manage to beat time and understand that it’s all just a dance step”Hill. . more information on



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