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Elon Musk’s Plans With Twitter

buy twitter Elon Musk It has spread all kinds of rumours. Since the fall in the stock market Tesla For…

By admin , in news , at May 10, 2022

buy twitter Elon Musk It has spread all kinds of rumours. Since the fall in the stock market Tesla For the sole purpose of speculative sale up to a potential sale in three years. But everything has its time and Musk now wants to share the roadmap with investors Twitter,

Tycoon buys the craze for $42,000 million no less. When he launches for a business it is because he has seen that it has potential. In Twitter’s case, it’s obvious because we live in a moment in which meta sees how it shuts down. Facebook and it settles Instagram, Whereas TIC Toc It has another audience and other purposes.

almost one billion users

according to this the new York TimesMusk wants Twitter to have 600 million users in 2025 and 930 by 2028. These figures mean that it now has four users. It remains to be seen whether it will carry out the expected cleanup bot and accounts without access to give credibility to that data.

There are two modes in their payment programs revenue, On the one hand, a secret project called x It will be an ad-free Twitter with over 100 million subscribers. This will be a business section focused on people who use Twitter very intensively on a daily basis.

Twitter Blue, the $3 per month subscription that already exists, will continue to grow to 160 million users. Use unique content, tweet editing or personalization here Application,

The figures that Musk presented are: $10 billion in revenue In 2028, that’s a total of $26.4 billion thanks to advertising as well as total subscriptions.

sales in three years

For all this, it should be remembered that the same newspaper published shortly after Musk announced the purchase of Twitter that the South African businessman could close a deal sales of the social network in three years which will be signed in 2022. This presentation of the project will be part of a future sale when investors realize the benefits.

are at the bottom of this whole thing Two important questions. Musk has already slipped which he anticipates say goodbye To about a thousand Twitter employees once the purchase is confirmed. The social network had already considered this scenario and a week ago it blocked its code to prevent employees from manipulating it.

On the other hand, the interest of Musk and the previous owner of Twitter withdraw, All this private investment will be done with the aim of snatching social networks from the influence of wall Street,