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Elena Poniatoska remembers Luis Enrique Ramirez’s passion

Mexico. – Writer Elena Poniatoska dedicates a few emotional words to remember the passion and dedication of journalist Luis Enrique…

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Mexico. – Writer Elena Poniatoska dedicates a few emotional words to remember the passion and dedication of journalist Luis Enrique RamirezThe El Debate columnist was murdered on Thursday, May 5, 2022, in Culiacan, Sinaloa, and who was a close friend of his while in Mexico City.

This Sunday, May 8, published in the newspaper by Elena Poniatoska day spinal cord “A flower for Luis Enrique“, where he expressed his dismay at the news of the murder of the journalist whom he had met “several years earlier” during his time at the aforementioned newspaper.

“The body of Luis Enrique Ramírez appeared in a roadside ditch in Culiacán, his land, Sinaloa, on Thursday, May 5. I met him many years ago dayA. He was a tall, smiling young man. I could never have imagined that he would be wrapped in plastic thrown on the dirt road on his own land“said the author.

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Poniatowska recalled when she met Luis Enrique Ramírez, her then-boss in the culture section. dayBraulio Peralta, “Commission reports and interviews that young intellectuals did with true mastery.”

for the author of Tlatelolco. night ofThe Sinaloa journalist was an excellent interviewer, intelligent and smiling, able to capture even what his interviewers didn’t tell him.

,Smiling, intelligent, sensitive, he captured everything his interviewer said (and what he didn’t) and gave remarkable reports, as only good observers can., He captured the character traits, weaknesses and successes of his interviewer or interviewee and it was easy to smile reading his charming and enticing texts,” he recalled of Luis Enrique.

Poniatowska also highlighted the closeness that the journalist had for the great storyteller. elena garros and his daughter, Elena Paz, to the point that he wrote “a kind of remarkable novel or biography” about the author, entitled Uncharted: Encounters and Disagreements with Elena Garros,

,Luis Enrique Ramirez was passionate about the hardships or glory of his interviewers And that’s why his writings turned out so well,” the author said after recalling that on one occasion the journalist wanted to donate his salary to Elena Garro to help her precarious financial situation.

It was during those same years that Luis Enrique became the star reporter of the culture section of ” day“Confirmed the author, who sadly added:”Now, in 2022, he becomes the ninth reporter killed in Mexico this year,

The winner of the Cervantes Prize recalled her emotional reunion with Ramírez after returning to Mexico City from Culiacan, where she had already settled at the time. even the famous Chabela Vargas asks Elena about SinaloaWell, he loved talking to her.

,they wrote in their country, they were still as simple and imaginary, Chabela, with whom she also liked to talk, enjoyed making breakfast and knitting her sweaters. “Will the young Luis Enrique come?” he asked excitedly. The reporter and I laughed at thread one because he had a great sense of humor and imitated fellow interviewers, me and Carlos Monsivas,” he wrote.

In the same column, Poniatowska added excerpts from the preface she wrote for the book.wit“, by Luis Enrique, where he referred to him as “The Naughty Reporter“, and which includes interviews with famous personalities such as Garro, Chavela Vargas, former President Jose López Portillo.

Although more than 20 years have passed since the book’s publication and foreword, the memory of the Sinaloa journalist is kept alive through the words of Elena Poniatowska, so here we reproduce an excerpt as a Tribute to Luis Enrique Ramirez,

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“His neatness extends to his writing, he examines his texts almost neurotically to avoid any wrinkles, any folds, he sprays them and irons them carefully, and then Also, when he sees them published he says ‘Hey, I missed that comma!’ In addition he reviews his interviewees, analyzes their answers, looks at and breaks them down and some even uncovers them (in a figurative sense, of course)”.

,I’ve never met a more passionate journalist, Hence perhaps their constant depression and endless sadness. It cuts through your interlocutors and makes them guess before answering. I believe that among young people he is among the best, the finest, the most perceptive, the most talented journalists., And, of course, the most attractive”, wrote Elena Poniatoska on Luis Enrique Ramirez.

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