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“El Hueco”, a site used by migrants to cross into the United States

Mexico. – Many expatriates chase the American dream and have to cross it go through the “hollow” As was the…

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Mexico. – Many expatriates chase the American dream and have to cross it go through the “hollow” As was the case with Maria and her family, who were living in a nightmare at the hands of smugglers.

On April 20, 2021, Maria, a 30-year-old Colombian woman I was trying to cross the Rio Grande To live a better life in the United States, according to El Tiempo.

The girl had to travel on a small plastic raft In which a “coyote” held him and his family. Maria was traveling with her two minor children, her father and eight migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico.

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The road is twisted, as if it were a horror film. The family traveled to the city of Monterey in the north of Mexico, where He recommended a “coyote”, who met him in Reynosa, on the United States border.

Maria was suspicious of crossing the border illegally, as she was afraid of all the stories she had heard about kidnappings, rapes, disappearances, and deaths.

Seeing this, his family decided that his brother and a friend should be the first They must cross and pass through “El Hueco”.

The year 2021 was the worst in history for migrants El Hueco passed through, as 650 deaths were recorded.According to the US Border Patrol.

Juan, his brother, and Jose, his friend, Reynosa and . arrived in “Coyote” charged him 10 thousand dollars to move them to the United States.

To avoid being chased by Mexican authorities, the young men were driven in a vehicle through secret lands by “coyotes” and at one point they got out of the car and continued on for 35 minutes until reaching the border, but The next step was the hardest. Difficult, as they had to measure a wall of about five meters.

The “Coyote” left them a battered wooden ladder so that they could climb the wall as high as they could, the young were able to jump it but a few steps away from reaching the United States, they were detained by a border patrol .

“Coyote” was the one who gave notice that Juan and Jose were arrested, Maria was disappointed because she feared something would happen to them, other than the fact that they went three days without knowing anything about them .

His brother Raphael from the United States gave him a lawyer to know his whereabouts.

Two people were detained in Texas.María, her father and two children had to postpone their trip, while Juan and José were informed of the situation, as they did not know whether they were going to be deported or that they would be left in that country.

Conversation with “Coyote” It closed and the family stayed for a few weeks in Reynosa, one of the most dangerous in Mexico, as 19 burnt migrants were found in January 2021.

The area between Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo, known as the “little border”, where migrant and drug trafficking is common, is controlled by “Los Zetas”, one of the most dangerous and bloodthirsty in Mexico. One of the cartels.

Two months later, Juan and José were deported to Colombia. Maria and her father, Antonio, Decided to look for another “coyote” To successfully reach the United States.

Until they were able to contact the “coyote” who was considered the “best” in the field and who had sent thousands to Texas.

The new “Coyote” assured him that he would be transferred the next day. Across the Rio Grande and beyond, they would walk for 35 minutes until a “lifter” picked them up in a vehicle and dropped them off at a safe place out of reach of US agents.

“Coyote” asked for an advance payment of 16 thousand dollars To pass to all four, and once on the other side, they will give him the same amount. All they had was his family’s savings, he left everything in Colombia to move to the United States.

Maria’s family moved into a house and there they were given a room to spend the night with munching mattresses and some blankets.

The transit was promised in a day, but the stay was extended to two weeks., “It was like a prison,” said Maria.

After complaining, “Coyote” told them to get their things ready the same night as it was their turn the next day.

A smuggler picked them up and dropped them in a warehouse with other migrants who were waiting their turn to cross the Rio Grande.

“It looked like a horror movie,” recalled Maria, who feared for her children and her.

by phone He demanded another 5 thousand dollars to get them out. From where did he get them?

“My brother gave them money. It was a kind of kidnapping for ransom. We saw people in very bad shape, sleeping on the floor. My kids were very scared.”

Once the transaction is done, A “coyote” took them out of the warehouse At dawn and the family was moved again to another house near the Rio Grande, where some people began photographing them.

After five days, finally “Coyote” picked them up and carried them to the shores of the Rio GrandeInstead there were other migrants and during the night of April 19, 2021, they waited for their moment to cross the United States border.

“Coyote” Inflates a Fleet It Launched in the Rio Grande After walking and crossing 50 meters, he ordered to take refuge in a kind of cave made of tree branches.

In the early hours of April 20, Coyote asked them to prepare to walk for 12 hoursBut Maria, since she arrived in Nuevo Laredo, promised her that it would be 35 minutes, and that’s when she started crying.

,I can’t walk all those hours, much less with the kids.,

But the smuggler was about to be uncovered, so he had two choices: stay in the woods and move on, or take himself to the US authorities. So he decided first.

At 5 a.m. the group began their trek to the town of McAllen, Texas.

“Every step is terrible, of pain.”

“Coyote” Recommends They Also Hide If they felt that another group of migrants was nearby.

On the way to “El Hueco” It is common to hear gunshots.

“El Hueco” Is an Impressive ThingBut the road was fuzzy and difficult.

After 12 hours of walking, the “Coyote” separated from the group and pointed them to a place where the “lifter” would pick them up in the truck to drop them off at a safe location.

But upon reaching that place the “Lifter” did not appear and they did not respond to him. The “Coyotes” had left him too close to the town of McAllen.

“Coyote” contacts Maria to tell her it’s too late and they can’t pick them up. Because there were too many “migra”.

The only option he gave them was to wait till the next day.

After 30 minutes, the family decided to surrender to Migra with all their pain and effort, their only option being the Border Patrol which aired.

Maria and her family, suffering from exhaustion, hunger and thirst, surrendered to the authorities.

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