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El Angulo took care of his brothers from the age of 8

Guamuchil, sinaloa.- his gaze fixed on some inconspicuous point to the people around him, sitting on a rocking chair, exhausted…

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Guamuchil, sinaloa.- his gaze fixed on some inconspicuous point to the people around him, sitting on a rocking chair, exhausted over the years, Jose ngel Rodriguez, better known as “El ngulo”, spends his days at Pedro Infante Cruz Square, Guamchil in Bolíria, which saw him grow up, His eyes reflect tenderness. His face looked tired, almost defeated by the complex life he had to live.

At the age of 71, he is fighting epilepsy, a condition that has limited his activities since last year.But his desire to work and improve himself comes in the face of fatigue and any disease, and Already have 59 years of experience,

from the first years of his life “El Angulo” had to learn to reform himself and become stronger, as he had three brothers whom he had to help.Because her mother was constantly bedridden due to some illness that affected her, while her father was caught in the trap of alcoholism, her only option to move forward was to work.

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He remembers his childhood When he was only 8 years old and he had to take full maturity to have a child of his age who can support his house, And from then on he started his working life without any fear or attention to fatigue. He gave his all to support his lovely family.

At this age his greatest enemy came to the fore: epilepsy, Since then, when he least expected it, he has suffered attacks, causing him to fall to the ground, unable to control his movements, completely losing his ability to walk.

When he was 14, he met bowling, the business that fascinated him and fell in love.So much so that he married the activity, which for him is not only a job but also his favorite hobby, something that was noticeable by the way he served his customers.

Taking charge of his household, he was not only in charge of bringing home food, money, clothes for his relatives, but was also in charge of paying for the studies of his three brothers, which he gave them university degrees, which Today it allows you to get a stable job.

Jose ngel Rodriguez was always happy and hummed a song by his favorite artist Pedro Infante Cruz.And it was set right in a small space in the square that bears this character’s name today.

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this was also a reason “El Angulo” Became an Iconic Character in GuamchiliSince his loyalty and fanaticism towards Pedro Infante inspired him to become the originator of this great actor and singer.

It was he who was in charge of making the melodies “Adolo de Guamchil” sound. Day after day he arrived at his workplace happy and played Pedro Infante’s songs at full volume before starting work, and he, as well as all the boleros in the square, were pleased with the character’s melodious rendition. ,

His tired and lost face becomes beyond comparison as he recounts Pedro Infante and his favorite songs. as mentioned, 100 years This is the melody that you enjoy singing the most, He declares himself a fan of Infant Cruz, and despite the fact that it is a bit complicated for him to speak, he states that in order to let society and new generations know the character, a few years earlier he made copies of his idol’s birth. Granted certificate.

like that, He was a fundamental part for Pedro Infante Cruz Square to take that name, as it was he who inspired the authorities to do so., He also managed to place the statue in honor of the “Statue of Guamchil”, where it is today.

as one of your most precious treasures Keeps a journalistic note where the story is told when he was joined by Pedro Infante’s relativesA fact that is very relevant to him and he wants to share it with those who come into his business.

His joy and his great enthusiasm in serving his customers were almost extinguished by pneumonia in 2021. “El Angulo” was twice affected by the disease, which forced him to withdraw from his business, to live in his own home under the care of one of his own. Brothers

In addition, epileptic seizures increased, and for her safety it was the only option to keep her safe. However, his co-worker and the one who takes care of him most of the time, Cristina Lugo reveals that it is very difficult for her to cover Jose ngel Rodriguez’s medical expensesTo which he invited the society to cooperate with both economic resources and medicines.