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Egg Muller reveals what his relationship with the protagonist of soap opera Valiants was like – People Online

Valientes was one of El Tres’s great successes, causing the public to engage with both its story and its characters….

By admin , in news , at May 15, 2022

Valientes was one of El Tres’s great successes, causing the public to engage with both its story and its characters. An outstanding cast in the production included: Luciano Castro, Marcella Klosterboer, gonzalo heredia, juliet diazoo, among others. But one of the characters that stood out and the audience loved was Egg, played by Alexander Muller, The actor returned to mention the story and revealed details that were not known earlier.

During the recording of Valentes, egg He became close friends with the three male leads. trident of heredia, Castro You martínezbeside muller They had established a strong bond of camaraderie and shared each other almost all the time in and out of the recording set.

“With the Boys in Valientes” we were rock starsWe had to safely leave the theater in Mar del Plata“, the actor spoke about the time of his great friendship with his peers. Furthermore, he revealed that he had the privilege of witnessing the love stories of many couples who are still together, although others are no longer.

“It was a very fun summer and I am a prime witness to Luciano Castro’s love story with Sabrina Rojas and Gonzalo Heredia’s love story with Brenda Gandini, which coincides with a birthday that we had with Brenda”He gushed about the romance of that time.

12 years have passed since this story premiered and fans have wondered if the good relationship between Egg and his teammates still holds up. ,I don’t have any link. There is good vibes and best if we cross each other but each have made their own life. It’s like this: You start over without leaving a partner and spend months but then the project ends and goodbye“he explained mullerMaking it clear that she is no longer with them.

“We practically lived together and never saw each other again. we are not friends“, confirmed the actor during his interview behind the scenes, But in spite of everything, he has a good memory of that time and clarifies that there was no problem, but it was time that did its job and kept them away. . more information on



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