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Edmundo Jacobo should go with Cordova and Murayama

With the use of the approved infrastructure and resources for the INE’s specific tasks, the Electoral Reform Initiative presented by…

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With the use of the approved infrastructure and resources for the INE’s specific tasks, the Electoral Reform Initiative presented by Councilor Lorenzo Cordova Vianello, Ciro Murayama Rendon and the Executive Secretary, Edmundo Jacobo, has become the unifying axis of a media campaign to attack . Morena Party and President of the Republic.

In this context, the current leaders of the INE want to prevent a reform that would end Joss Woldenberg’s headship cycle, they want to limit the appointment of four new electoral advisers to April 2023 and the ultimate intention is to leave Executive Secretary Jacobo until 2024. As the real electoral force to prevent Morena in the elections of.

If you want to summarize the intention of electoral reform, four adjectives can be used: Deswaldenburgriser, Dekordowiser, Desmuraiamizar and Unjkobonizer, to return the electoral institution to a functional organism for the realization of elections and a Not to defend the water’s ideological positions. -Down social democracy which is paradoxically nothing more than a social-capitalist type of salutary model that can be summed up well in Pronasol.

Strictly speaking, Cordova and Murayama have every right to express their views against a reform that would wipe them off the electoral map, but embezzlement situations must be analyzed as they use their position, according to institutional staff. Their role as the real and effective place of the political representation system of any procedural democracy, that is, the legislative power, to counter the resources of the institution and the institution has not yet been discussed in this initiative. Using a bureaucratic position to counter the initiative of a political actor is nothing more than a typical Latin American populist dictatorship. Cordova and Murayama have exploited the representation of their positions to undermine the reform that will change the 2024 electoral landscape.

The arguments of two INE officials are based on the thesis that the current electoral structure should work in the 2024 presidential elections; And to avoid surprises as the two will no longer be on the Institute’s General Council, the reform proposal has been central to the short-lived controversy over the role of the Institute’s current executive secretary, Edmund Jacobo, whom Cordova will hold in that position until 2026. Re-elected, violated legal procedures.

In 2020, Cordova re-elected Edmundo Jacobo as executive secretary, in alliance with PAN, as Cordova himself was appointed president councilor of the institution through electoral reform with PAN against Pea Nieto and PRD. Was. The institute’s executive secretariat is the key to controlling bureaucratic and budget resources, and so Cordova and Murayama are looking for Jacobo to remain in office after his term ends in April next year.

In this context, the real battle in the trenches surrounding electoral reform will be with the appointment of four new electoral advisers and, above all, the departure of Cordova and Murayama, conditioning Jacobo’s permanence as executive secretary. However, Murray is clear that the reorganization of the Institute’s executive council with the departure of Cordova and Murayama must also hasten Jacobo’s replacement in order to prevent the bureaucratic primacy of Voldenburg and Cordova from continuing to center around resources and political power. Institute. body, and even more so if the name of the institution is changed.

If Cordova and Murayama wish to continue their leading role against reform initiatives presented by a registered political party, they will be forced to resign from their positions today and lead the PRI-Pan-PRD-Copermex-Claudio X. Electoral reform proposal against González opposition. Using their positions and public resources to counter a partisan initiative is nothing more than a form of political corruption by diverting its salary resources to the management of an organization and a partisan initiative. One way to fall into the possibility of embezzlement is by devoting yourself to sabotage.

And Murray must prepare to oust Edmundo Jacobo from INE next April to prevent Cordova and Murayama from remaining bosses around the electoral body.
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