Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Drunken hidrocalidos cause chaos in two municipalities

Aguascalientes, Jesus Maria, Ags.- was there last night auto accident in the capital of Aguascalientes, because of a driver who…

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Aguascalientes, Jesus Maria, Ags.- was there last night auto accident in the capital of Aguascalientes, because of a driver who was driving Quick down a truck effects of alcohol and As he passed, he took a homeless man who slept on a bench located on a median at the bottom of a bridge to the west of town.

emergency system, 911, Received a civil complaint call regarding the run-over done at around 4:50 am on Monday Between the intersection of Aguascalientes Avenue and Avenida de los Maestros. The picketers reported 911, requesting an ambulance in case of emergency.

Paramedics reached the spot Mexican Red Cross, who assessed the health of the fledgling man and proceeded to transfer him to the hospital Tercer Millenio as an emergency, as he was recovering and in critical condition. The driver of the vehicle was identified as 35-year-old Jorge Pacheco, while the man who was hit was identified as 47-year-old Margarito Escobedo Perez.

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According to the version of evidence in the area, the driver was driving in a north to south traffic lane on Avenida de los Maestros and upon reaching the intersection with Avenida Aguascalientes Sur, the driver tried to maneuver to the left to join. Ki, to the east, lost control of the steering wheel and climbed the median and ran over Margarito who was sleeping on the spot.

driver arrested Aguascalientes Police and made available to State Attorney General’s Office, Officers will be in charge of ruling on Jorge Pacheco’s legal status. No further information is given about Margarito’s diagnosis, it is only known that she is hospitalized.

Prohibition was lifted starting this week in Aguascalientes:

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citizens of the municipality yesterday afternoon Jesus Maria In Aguascalientes, he lost several hours because he lost power and this was not because of technical repairs or lack of payment, but because a drunk driver hit a utility pole. Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

Hundreds of businesses and residents in the Jess María neighborhood and Emiliano Zapata Street were left without electricity for nearly 14 hours, affecting homes and businesses.

Businesses that maintain refrigerators and appliances that relied solely on electrical service were affected, with officials not reporting what the legal status was for this drunk driver who crashed and affected thousands of civilians, nor He provided the details of his identity. Service was restored by Monday night.

He told his girlfriend that he would take her to a restaurant and surprise her with taquitos from the market.