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Although the app WhatsApp Tried to please its millions of users with many new functions, there are still Internet users…

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Although the app WhatsApp Tried to please its millions of users with many new functions, there are still Internet users who prefer an even more innovative platform, which is why they resort to well-known APKs, such as the new whatsapp plus red,

Over the years, WhatsApp Plus has been gaining ground on the official meta application due to the fact that the additional tools it offers improve the user experience while using the app. instant messaging platform,

However, recently a new mod appeared in the digital market that threatens to take away the “throne” whatsapp plusAs users of the so-called “WhatsApp Puss Rojo” report, this version is more innovative.

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In principle, whatsapp plus red is only whatsapp plus but in redOr even the user can decide what color he wants to paint the interface of the electronic application if what he wants is the greater personalization of it.

To download “WhatsApp Plus Red” all you have to do is download the app of the “Plus” version of WhatsApp, for this it’s best to visit trusted websites that guarantee you don’t download viruses to your mobile device that will harm you. can do. smart fone.

In addition, you must make sure that if you have installed the application, you do not leave any trace of WhatsApp. The best thing to do is to directly go to the App Store of your operating system, search for the WhatsApp app, and uninstall it.

Once this is done, proceed to download and install WhatsApp Plus on your cell phone and allow it to be installed on your device. Once the app is successfully installed, open it and go to the menu found in the three dots on the top right of the screen.

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there you will get the option Universal, then “Style” and finally the Icon Tool, It is at this place where you can customize the WhatsApp icon as you wish with the color you choose. After that, click Finish and Done! If you have decided to color red then you will have “WhatsApp plus Red”.

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download messaging app

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