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Donald Trump’s response to his intention to bomb Mexico

Donald Trump, Former President of the United States of America, denied the allegations Created by his former Secretary of Defense,…

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Donald Trump, Former President of the United States of America, denied the allegations Created by his former Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, About to start bombing drug laboratories in MexicoI heard about a proposal to shoot protesters against police violence. In addition, he accused the former officer of being “weak” and “ineffective”.

This Sunday, Esper was interviewed on the CBS News program 60 Minutes, where she talks about her new book, “A Secret Oath,” which will be published this Tuesday. In it, he talks about Donald Trump’s alleged proposal to launch missiles at drug traffickers in Mexico to prevent drugs from crossing into the United States and then denies everything.

“He said it was to persecute the cartel. And we had this private conversation where I told him, ‘Mr. President, I understand why.’ Because he was very serious about dealing with the drug issue. I get that, we all get that, but I had to explain to him, ‘We can’t do that. It would be a violation of international law’.

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It would be terrible for our neighbors to the south. You know, it will affect us in many ways. Why don’t we do this other thing better?”, he says to himself. Book Esper,

Faced with such allegations, CBS News sought the response of Donald Trumo, who limited himself to sending a statement which he described as an “absolute lie” that he was calling on protesters against police brutality in the legs. wanted to shoot. He insisted that he had at least 20 witnesses who could support him.

“Mar Asper was weak and completely ineffective and so I had to lead the army,” Trumo said in his statement.

“I ended up with ISIS, with Qassem Soleimani” [general iraní, comandante de la fuerza Quds] Thief [Abu Bakr] al-baghdadi [líder del Estado Islámico]I rebuilt the military with $2.5 billion, I built the Space Force and much more,” the former president said.

“I fired him [a Esper] Because it’s a RINO. Was [republicano sólo de nombre] unable to lead. He also assured that Arizona was a “lightweight, a decorator, and I realized that very soon.”

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Regarding allegations of attacking drug cartels with missiles in Mexican territory, the former president replied: “No comment.”

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