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Donald Clifton reveals he is suffering from a serious illness and worries his fans – people online

Donald Clifton Mac Kluskyfamous singer, revealed that he has parkinson’s and wrote a touching letter on his profile Facebook, In…

By admin , in news , at May 16, 2022

Donald Clifton Mac Kluskyfamous singer, revealed that he has parkinson’s and wrote a touching letter on his profile Facebook, In this he commented on how he passes his day to day. ,I noticed that despite my resistance, evil does not give up and does not give up“, said. “I have massive Parkinson’s, folks. And when I start moving I have a hard time stopping. I present him with a fight every day, even appealing to alternative treatments that provide relief. ‘I want to defeat him’, but I noticed that despite my resistance, evil does not give up and does not give up” reads the beginning of the letter.

interpreter ofwaves and wind“, said: “Thanks to God, to the Virgin, to Jesus and to science there is a medicine that calms, soothes, calms, alleviates and even makes tremors disappear (totally from) (as long as certain conditions are observed)“. Then he said:”Sitting peacefully, being happy, playing guitar and singing, whether on a stool on stage or in a chair at home, in a kind, friendly environment (free of stress, anger, sadness and/or pain), makes me feel great. Happiness. The tremors disappear completely. Yellowing appears when I stand up or begin to move,

,There the tension builds up and gets transferred throughout the body. To go from side to side I have to grab whatever I have at hand and very slowly I take small steps one after the other, until I get to where I wanted to go. .. without failures and without falling, although taking seriously the danger of such proceeding because of the potential for injury from dizziness, falls and shocks“, He added.

,Parkinell (levodocopa, such is its common name) has demonstrated its effectiveness when I am still and in a state of complete calmness; However, in the face of any unintended movement or unwanted change, while standing or walking, there is scarce dopamine in my nervous system. And worse… his physical aggression seems to be intensifying.“, he explained and admitted:”It’s not just trembling, folks, that’s the ugly thing about Parkinson’s. In addition to that annoying visual and vague symptom in my left thumb, there are other notorious and very uncomfortable symptoms, such as stiffness and sluggishness.,

,People with Parkinson’s have additional amounts of discomfort, for example in my case, painful contractions in the back (especially at the level of the dorsal vertebrae), getting tangled in sheets, difficulty turning on the bed, buttons on my shoes, Tie the lace etc.“, synthesized Donald, Trying to be optimistic, he thanked:”I am here, friends. and i’m still alive and kicking thank god,

,Not that he was a visionary (like my old man was). I met an artistic entrepreneur a week before the pandemic, because we wanted to tour the whole country. Parkinson had not yet clearly appeared and my desire to sing in public was to feel full and agile to climb and descend on any stage.“, she counted. And she continued:”Pandemic came, isolation, sedentary lifestyle, unexpected sadness due to the death of my younger sister, Patricia And it triggered the expression that I’ve taken in who knows when,

,What inspired me to whitewash my illness? It was certainly a brave declaration of Esteban Bulrich You Xavier Lombard, each one telling about their battle against the neurological disease that each of them was fortunate to be afflicted with. And by sharing with you, friends, what I have to live with every day, the load became lighter, less heavy.“, she claimed.

,honestly today I don’t know if I will be able to defeat evilBut I can confirm to the four winds that I won’t give my hand to turn, Is it worthy of an artist to come on stage in a physical condition like mine that, as a dear friend of mine rightly put it, inspires pity? ,the show must go on’ (The show must continue) says a proverb of show business, We are all aware and agree“, wrote Donald,

,As long as I have a small voice to sing and the flexibility in my fingers to play the guitar, I’ll be in the arena and nothing and no one will be able to stop or avoid it… at least that’s it. I intend to“, he expressed. “There are worse things in this world than Parkinson’s. (For example, hate and war). You’ll agree with me. In my particular case, I’m not going to allow the damned Parkinson’s to steal my soul. Absolutely not! ” You can play with my body, but not with my soul and my life, which is only in the hands of the Blessed Lord“, he wrote in his Facebook,

Finally, at the end of writing, Donald Thank you: “Thank you Lord and my God for your love and every minute of life you gave me in this world with Vero, my family, my friends and all my loved ones!, . more information on



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