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Don Ramon has been visiting his mother in Los Mochis for 20 years

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Ramon Isidro Castro Mondaka Since 2002 he’s been visiting the Jardins de la Memoria pantheon in Los…

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Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Ramon Isidro Castro Mondaka Since 2002 he’s been visiting the Jardins de la Memoria pantheon in Los Mochis, the one who gave him so much in life: his mother, María Eduviejes Mondaka Soto.

Together with his wife, Ines Baca Marquez, yesterday he leaned on a broom made of branches from a nearby tree to clean the final resting place of his dearest man, because like many graves not only this, but also the municipality Primarily, they were found under “rugs” of dried leaves and branches, some piled up on interior streets, waiting for municipal public service trucks to pass on Mother’s Day.

The couple continued their work quietly and waited for the two bouquets of flowers to be placed a few centimeters away, when they had finished cleaning, on a hard day made under the sun’s bad rays; However, they didn’t care about the sun or the suffocating environment, they just wanted to see the grave of their loved one without a single dry leaf.

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By simply mentioning her, both eyes fill with tears, and they confirm that María Eduvies Mondaka Soto left deep memories.

“She was a very special person, beautiful, devoted to her family, loving and very kind,” explains Ramon Isidro. In addition, Ines says, she helped out and shared a plate of food with people she knew, but also with people she had never seen. That was his degree of kindness, of working selflessly.

Don Ramon Isidro says, “My mother made no distinction. The people she knew were the ones she didn’t. She gave everyone food, coffee, bread, whatever they had on hand.”

Her eyes stop on the horizon to confirm that day-to-day necessities do not allow her to be her mother’s final resting place, which has a glass floor, a fence and, in better conditions, a cross, as He is eligible.

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“But you have to eat and pay bills like electricity and water. I wish I could, and the other would be the image that belonged to his grave,” explains Don Ramon and then continues to clean up the place where his beloved The remains of the mother rest and to whom he will go today like 20 years ago, to spend a moment with the kindest woman he has ever met: his mother.